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The Southern Realms


The history of the Port of Godston (or Gods Stone) and the surrounding area dates back hundreds of years. Originally the area belonged to the elves. The elves populated the area in small communities. Due to a large gathering of demons, the elves on the advice of some powerful stranger decided to flee the area, taking to the sea. However as they travelled to the coast they were attacked by the demons. The battle ended when the last of the strangers and the last demon where entombed in what was supposed to be an eternal prison. It was surmised that the gods had intervened. A small community grew up around the site of the prison which was a large grey circular stone. Hence the name Gods Stone.

After many years the elves left and humans took their place. The land fellinto the keeping of the Darkmere family, a family, traditionally devotingthemselves to the knightly order of the Lance.

Following the recent occurrences with Drune however, the prison failed and the demon was released. The demon now controls this land. The populace under an escort from Lord Darkmere has fled to a friends land. Ties between the Darkmere family and the order of the Lance have now been severed. It is rumoured that Lord Darkmere is attempting to raise funds to support and an army to retake his lands from the demon.


Despite the dangers of the natives of the “New World” at the furthest west, some still brave the trek, for the promise of treasures and gold. Although pirates are still active in the area, trade has also increased with Banaths Isles. Together the increasing trade has lead to an increase in the prosperity of the western cities. At this time it has been arranged that the Duke of Cwarash’s son, is to marry the daughter of the Knight general of Port Elia, and then take up residency in the City of Ondil. This will see the joining of three of the most powerful western cities, and is to be celebrated with the minting of a new golden crown. The material of the coin, the hole in its center and the image of golden corn are all symbols chosen in homage of Luthien.

However, the western cities have not been having it all their own way. Rumors abound as it appears that the Alchemists Guild has lost its strangle hold, and the price of potions and poisons falls as their availability increases. Some say it is due to a split in the Guild. Certainly there is tell of the emergence of a new and powerful Drow trading house, called the Tazine. They have recently emerged from the area where the eastern extremity of the Vorrin forest climbs the mountain boarders of Ackaran (just north of Morvania). A sudden profusion of silver marks, bearing the mark of a silver tree, stands testimony to the sudden spread and power of this trading house.

In the east, Otto the crown prince of Morvania has tightened his ruthless grip, actively recruiting and strengthening his orders of Knights and the draconian laws of his kingdom. However, the people welcome this news as they are fearful of the threat of the great dragon that resides and still wreaks destruction in the burnt Vorrin forest. Followers of Drune travel the lands seeking to build a larger temple to Drune, than the the one they already have based near Velian. Mystics preach of the glory of a gigantic temple made of ivory and the bones from the war. There is much speculation, and some fierce opposition over its possible location, but many speak of the growing relationship between the kingdom of Morvania and the Mystics of Necromancy.

To the south of the Anvil Lands, much of the population of Godstone has either been slain or fled. The daemon spawn has largely taken to the Raigorm Mountains, where they rally likeminded creatures to their cause. The town of Underidge lies north at the foot of the mountains. Although just outside the boarders of Tethic-Vorrin, the populace feels under increasing threat, and has called for the assistance of any of the orders of the Northern Knights.

Meantime, Lord Darkmere has not been idle and currently camped at Lenorithien, from where word has spread that he has engaged the services of skilled boat builders. Lord Darkmere appears to have won the respect of many tribes of the Madrogen and to have forged strong links. Further to the west, but still in the shadow of the mountains the tribes of the Wolf and the Crow (who live on the Plains of Caerin), have donned blood paint, and have taken to hunting the foothills for the foul creatures that are drawn there.
Finally to the north there is talk of a Conclave of wizards, who are said to have taken residency in an abandoned city discovered in the mountain range of Tethic. Further north in Wrosham, groups of white riders pass over the Onyx bridge at Slaughter Reach from the Shattered lands of the Melanonian. However, these small groups all appear to return over the bridge after some 7 days, and none have yet dared to oppose them or inquire as to their business.

More recently the 3rd company of the Lance have been dealt a bitter blow, loosing an entire company to a Riagorm who traveled the area just east of Orwick. Taverns of the area, also tell of the Necromancer of Belham, and a terrible Wright which has been released from a Barrow.