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Located between Wroshan and Tethic the lands of Danar have been little more than caravan paths for as long as the younger races can remember. A few of those of ancient races remember a time before this though when Danar was a Kingdom to be reckoned, a kingdom ruled by noble elves. Today only a few noble houses of elves remain, living mainly around the Forest of Vorrin, which spreads along Danars border with Aurea to the south.

Danar is the most northerly country of the Southern Continent save for Wroshan. It is bordered on the west by Tethic and on the south and east by Aurea. It is ruled by a regent, Princess Emereace, and in recent years has been beset by many threats ranging from Demonic attack to the expansion of the Ungash.

Danar has five regions marking the heartland and the 4 points of the compass. The Heartland is the home of House Valdeen although Appensul can be found on the border with Aurea. Within the East can be found the home of House Syne set within the Ridgeback Mountains, with Grenton close to the Aurean border. Blackhaven lies on a peninsular also found within the eastern region. The South is largely covered by part of the Vorrin Forest wherein can be found Qwelin-Döth and House Loramer. The North and West are sparsely settled although Gobsville was founded in the northern part of the Western region.

Danar is the home of all the known remaining elven houses and at least one Fay court

THE ELVEN HOUSE OF SYNE (prononunced ‘sign’)
This noble house has sat amidst the north of the Ridgeback Mountains for centuries. Tales tell of its towers marble white and carved in ornate patterns stand proudly in the centre of this realm. The realm is ruled by Lord Elgarien and his hand fasted Lady Lanadhain.

It is said that the lands are guarded by a dragon of ice and that only the Lord can command this creature. In times of need, it is said, that in the past the Lord rode forth, in front of his armies, atop this beast covered head to toe in Mithril Armour and cannot be slain whilst the dragon lives. If this is true or ledgend, no-one really knows, or dares find out. Even if it were not, the household holds much in the way of faith towards the lady Celluvial. The realms knights are brought to beleive that it is extremly important to up hold the ways of the faith.

House Valmir is an ancient and inbred clan whose hallls and towers inhabit the remotest peaks of the mountains over looking Ackaran’s western border. They have long retreated from the world at large, all but forgetting on their ancestral duty to gaurd the pass between Danar and Vorrin. Their isolation and lack of external influence has carried them through the recent years of upheaval without much concern. They while away eternity in court polatics and perfection of the Elven art of being superior to the younger races. In so stagnant a society hereditary progression is rare and some of the more vigourous youngsters have turned to creative Euthanasia to fill their days.

House Valdeen is a small semi-nomadic Elven house that spends the majority of the year in the summer palace in the shadows of the western mountains of Danar, travelling south (to the winter palace) only in the colder months.

This house headed by Lady Vein. They have have let it widely be known that they are always looking to employ persons. Pay negotiable, and can be made in advanced.

Although small in numbers Lord Loramer (a hereditary title passing to the oldest male of each generation) saw this house rise to quite prominance. This comfortable state was however shattered when a human named Rigir, entered Lord Loramer’s realm. This Druid had been possessed by a powerful vision of impending doom, foreseening the destruction of the Vorrin forest. Myste, the youngest daughter of Lord Loramer, famously bore Rigir two half elven sons, Fil-Finir and Nerak.

Lord Loramer took those of his House, to join with those prepared to fight, and met Quartak’s army as it entered the forest. The outcome of this conflict was a catastrophic defeat for the house of Loramer. Lord Loramer was slain and the Vorrin Forest burnt. The fate of Rimir Swordweaver, (Lord Loramer oldest son) and heir, as well as that of Rigir was unknown. Led by Fil-Finir and Nerak, a small group of this house struck a blow against Quartak at the great battle of Cwarash. The house of Loramer also set sail for Siren’s Isle, only to meet defeat at the hand of Quartak himself, where they famously took an oath to never forget their enmity against Quartak.

Rumours that Rimir Swordweaver was the last person to cross a perilous bridge over Slaughter Reach, entering the mysterious “Shattered Lands”, dragged some of this house north into conflicts against the Melanonians, with General Spear. One of the most famous of this House is Yalari who at Broxton slew the Daemon Lord Ariok, leader of the Melanonians. A high mystic of the house named Elenar is able to call upon the powers of Luthien and granted Sir Peter his second chance at life.

Headed by the Lady Ruadan (Queen of the moon), Lord Solis (King of the sun). The Fay represent the oldest of Danars descendants. The faerie realm appears to consist of two courts, the Court of the Moon, ruled by King Midhir and his Queen Ruadan and the Court of the Sun, ruled by King Solis and his Queen Lily. The Court of the Moon rules at night and the Court of the Sun rules during the daytime.



Within Danar, on the peninsula of land between Wroshan and Ackaran, Blackhaven is known as a haven for Pirates and Smugglers and has a natural port.


To the east of the Anvil lands lies the vast Forest of Vorrin. This noble woodland suffered badly during the Necromantic war and only now is turning back to its formal glory. Within its confines lives the once powerful House of Loramer. The half-breed Fil-Finir Farantir now commands this group of elves, formally led by Lord Loramer. This group is bent on vengeance against Quartak and all its followers after the murder of their Lord by his agents.


Many centuries ago, the armies of a tyrannical overlord came to these plains to do battle against an honourable knight who had seen how this Lord had mistreated his people. Much blood was spilt and people today still say that on certain nights they can hear the shouts of battle and the smell of sweat and blood.