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The Known Lands

The known world

Whilst some may know there is a wider world than the one they know, other than the most ancient, most are only familiar with the continent they live on, as travel to outside is rare if even possible.

Game Continent




Located between Wroshan and Tethic the lands of Danar have been little more than caravan paths for as long as the younger races can remember. A few of those of ancient races remember a time before this though when Danar was a Kingdom to be reckoned, a kingdom ruled by noble elves. Today only a few noble houses of elves live mainly around the Forest of Vorrin, which spreads along Danars border with Aurea to the south.

Danar is the most northerly country of the Southern Continent save for Wroshan. It is bordered on the west by Tethic and on the south and east by Aurea. It is ruled by a regent, Princess Emereace, and in recent years has been beset by many threats ranging from Demonic attack to the expansion of the Ungash


Anvil Lands






The caravans of the Saduki (pronounced Sad-oo-Key), the desert wanderers, can be seen across the dune of Menas. To the south-west of these lands lies one of the Saduki’s many trade routes, nicknamed the ‘Dry Run’ by those adventurous traders from the North.

The Saduki umlat (chief), Jorchim rules much of the land of Menas. His nemesis is a devious mystic by the name of Kasif, powerful overseer of the temple of Sil-Tek (to the north of Menas).


To the North West of the Anvil Lands are the mysterious Banath Isles. This group of islands is the last stop before the vast expanse of water to the west, where few have set sail and none have returned from. Those who have passed near to the Isles tell tales of strange voices in the mists and dark shapes moving in the water. It is now known that the isles are home to the Fomorians.