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We’ve been putting on live roleplaying events at Legion of Dreams for 20 years, so obviously we think we’re pretty good at it. Fortunately for us, other people do too…


“Thanks a lot to you and the team for organising and running Siren’s Call [The Resurrection]. In spite of the weather [ it was torrential rain!], all our lot had a great time and there’s definite enthusiasm to take our little group out on another adventure. I’ve hardly been able to speak since the event. Running around pretending to be drunk after a couple of pints of that awful “Scumble” shouting “tomb robbing!” and “Scumble” at the top of my voice might have had something to do with it. Thanks again for running an enjoyable event. Sorry for smashing up the tomb. I guess I’m just not built for tomb robbing.” (Thomas Senior, 2002)

” Cheers to everyone, refs, crew and other players for making my first time at a LoD event absolutley fantastic. Throughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to be able to come back. ” (Nick – aka the man who became a demon, 2006)

” I want to thank everybody involved on this years Sirens Call, I had such a good time that there were moments I felt really very proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people. Witnessing the generosity of each player as they allowed others their “moments” and the sheer dedication of the monster crew who worked so hard in some pretty tough conditions I can only but admire the good nature spirit of everyone who retained such positivity despite the damp. I will admit to it all being a tad humbling… ” (Shula, 2006)


” I scarcely noticed the rain; I had a great time on my first event, I was really impressed by the NPC roleplaying and the props and costumes, and I shall be back as soon as I can! ” (Aideen – aka the moron who challenged Sabian, 2006)

“Guys, guys, guys. Thank you so much for letting me crew on the last event. It was absolutely pouring it down (the lightning flashes were the kind of prop that money just can’t buy) but crewing and getting to experience roleplaying for free surrounded by a host of damn nice people wearing damn weird clothes absolutely made my weekend. Wish I didn’t have to wait until February for the next one.” (Madge Knight, London 2006)

” Thanks to everybody involved, great fun (and lots of terror). Rather embarrasing to be almost done over by some goblins… ” (Jeremy, 2006)

” I would like to add my thanks to the refs and particularly the endlessly busy crew who put so much enthusiasm and good humour into the whole event. We were also most glad that you found time to polish off the elven feast! ” (JB, 2006)

” All the crew were brilliant but three stood out to me as being particularly great:
1. the blonde girl, who was amazingly enthusiastic (sorry, don’t know names)
2. the pirate I fought in the tavern (that was AWESOME!)
3. the guy with the broken leg who despite that STILL managed to kick my arse with that big mace thing.
The crew were just amazing! ” (Drizzle, 2006)

” A most excellent job by the refs and crew and a highly entertaining event all round, thanks very much. ” (Peter the Paladin, 2006)