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Props and Costume Safety

Props and Costume Safety Issues at Legion of Dreams Events

Studded Armour – No spikes or sharp edged/pointed studs must be used. ‘Pyramid’ or conical studs are recommended. No metal stud should jut out more than 5 mm.

Metal Armour -There must be no sharp edges or points. No grappling in any shape or form must take place. ‘Solid’ (rigid armour) must be secured to the wearer correctly and not be allowed to work loose. bullet

Helmets – All helmets must be tight fitting (but not too constrictive) to the head to avoid movement in combat, causing ‘blind sighting’. Any ‘horns’, ‘teeth’ or other protrusions should not be hard or sharp.

Shields – Shields are designed to block blows and must never be used to attack with, this includes ‘shield charges’. All edges must have sufficient foam padding. Any bolts used in construction must be countersunk or pad. There should be no ‘hard’ embellishments protruding from the shield.

General Costume/Props
Any physical representations (Phy. Reps.) of prosthetics must be approved by the organizers/referee prior to the event to ensure they are not a Health and Safety risk (i.e. plastic horns, spiked heads, etc.)

Handheld props such as wands, banners, etc. may be used by the character but must be immediately dropped, or safely secreted when combat is to, or has, begun.

No pyrotechnics, fireworks or other related special effects must be used unless approved in writing by the organisers prior to an event. Even then, if the organisers/referee’s are not happy with the effect being used on their event, they have the right to not allow that effect to be used.

On certain events (1920’s, etc.) phys. rep. firearms may be used. Since recent events, and the public awareness of firearm-related crimes, participants should be careful about any weapon used in public. There use on our events are restrict to areas hired specifically with their use in mind.