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Safety first at Legion of Dreams

By its very nature, taking part in any Live Role-Playing event normally involves physical activity and it must be expected that there will be a fair bit of rushing around, jostling and acted combat. As with contact sports (Rugby, Football, etc) it is quite possible to do all this without causing injury, so long as everyone keeps in mind they are partly responsible for their own safety and use common sense.

At some point, you are bound to be struck by a physical representation (Phys. rep.) of a weapon. While a small amount of light ‘grappling’ is acceptable during attacks, it is not appropriate to resist aggressively, nor for the attacker to respond in kind.

We take safety seriously and have constructed what the club believes to be a safe general set of guidelines for all our Live Role-playing events. All participants are expected to abide by these general guidelines, listed under: Combat safety, Props safety and Weapons safety.