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A Rough Guide to Fay

Make Up: Coloured Hair and Skin, pointed ears/nose.

Prohibited Realms: Strength, Life, Death, Purity – (Night Fay)

Racial Realms: Transformation, Nature – (Night Fay) Transformation, Abyss

Elemental Alignment: Water

Fay are an ancient and long lived race with strong ties to the realms of Transformation and Nature. They come in many forms and are often mistaken for nature spirits as they tend to live around mysterious wooded groves, misty lakes, echoing caves, etc. They have no real society, despite their long lives, and little recorded history (except for the ‘faerie tales’ other races tell about them). This simple outlook makes many Fay appear ‘vague’ or ‘childlike’ in demeanour which in turn leads to a reputation for their being mischievous. It is perhaps more accurate to say that Fay do not see the world in the same way as the other races.

Fay and Night Fay are actually the same race, one favouring the day the other the night. Aside from the realms they are tied to little separates the two types of Fay. The Night Fay are perhaps a little ‘darker’ in their humour (as you might expect from the name).

Despite being one of the most ancient races the Fay have no real history. They are not a well organised race and have no large communities or written lore. Their poor understanding of time makes an oral tradition of record keeping troublesome at best. Their long association with Jareth and the Realm of transformation makes them a transitory race unable or unwilling to organise themselves. Faerie tales told by the younger races are the only real recorded Fay histories and these cannot be trusted to be ‘entirely’ accurate.

Recent History
Or so everyone thought! Events in the Necromantic wars and the recent Daemonic incursion in Danar bought to light the existence of a long forgotten Fay Nobility, hidden away in an enchanted land. This was as much a surprise to the ‘common’ Fay as it was to the other races. These ‘High Fey’, although physically identical to Fay of the mundane world have histories dating back to the time of Danar and the Danari race from whom they claim to be descended. They say, The Fay of this world are simply those of the race whose ancestors were not chosen to journey with the rest into the hidden lands millennia ago. Poor relations if you will.

These High Fay seem to pre-date all known races with the possible exception of the Melnonians. During the Necromantic wars elements of Drune’s (Realm Lord of Necromancy) faction journeyed to the Fey kingdom in search of something the Realm Lord had hidden there millennia before which was vital to his eventual restoration.

During the recent Daemon invasion of Danar the High Fay court actually journeyed in the mundane world bearing artefacts and lore from ancient Danar to assist with fighting the Daemons.

It is still to soon to judge the impact of these revelation on the High Fay as a whole. Previous evidence would suggest little will change for the ‘Fay on the street’. The implications for the other races is likely to be more significant. There is talk that the stories of Faerie ‘abductions’ and ‘changelings’ come directly from the High Fay rather than (as in the past) being attributed to the common Fay.

(NOTE: Players are welcome to play Fay from the ‘Fay Realm’, they are identical to common Fay as far as the game system is concerned. If anything they would differ only in their superior nature to common fay and their complete lack of knowledge about the mundane world (being little more than poorly prepared tourists). A character can only become a Fay Noble by becoming a powerful or influential Fay during the course of play. They are not a separate character race).

Fay Outlook & Attitude
Fay are often perceived as childlike or absent minded. This is true to a point with many Fay. It has much to do with races ties to the realm of Transformation. Fay do not see the world in the same way as other races. This can lead to unusual priorities which other races perceive as childlike or mischievous. In addition they have a poor understanding of time. This leads to the accusations of absent mindedness. Short term the problem is less of an issue, but events of more than a few months ago continually change order and importance in the Fays mind. This makes concepts like age difficult for them to express. Although a problem for non-Fay, it is the normal state of being for the Fay.

(NOTE: Players attempting a Fay character with this out look are advised to just play it childish and vague. It’s far easier than trying to externalise an individual with a non Newtonian perception of space/time and Fay don’t care why any way).

Fay are mischievous by nature. This is doubtless the source of many of the tales told about them. Unfortunately their askew view of the world means they don’t always know when a joke stops being funny (for others)! They do not have a strong sense of right and wrong or good and evil, and little concern for the consequences of their actions. This has much to do with why there aren’t so many of them left in the world.

Night Fay are very similar in their attitude. If anything the Night Fay have a meaner sense of humour and their jokes more end up with some one getting hurt. As Night Fay are tied to the Abyss rather than Nature they are often found abroad by night or in dark and gloomy places.

Night Fay pick on Day Fay and vice versa. Whereas Day Fay will use clever tricks on their darker brethren to make them look foolish, Night Fay would be happy kicking a Day Fay round a field for a few hours and think themselves just as entertaining. Although this rivalry is evident to other races Fay will generally stick together in the face of outside interference.

Fay Appearance
Fay come in many shapes and sizes, even amongst closely related individuals. Size ranges from the slight and Elfin to the toad like ‘and’ as well as every shape in between. They tend to have pointed noses & ears, particularly amongst the ‘posh’ Fay. The colour of their skin, hair and their clothes often reflects the ‘wildness’ in which they live. Vestigial wings, tails and horns also crop up fairly regularly. Those who dwell in ‘sunlit glades’ wear bright, vibrant colours. Those who live in dark woods and murky swamps favour dirty or disturbing colours (Night Fay). The Night Fay are not so closely tied to nature and can be found living amongst the younger races more often than their day dwelling siblings (more monsters in the wardrobe than pixies in the forest). Attire is generally extreme variations of what humans or Elves would wear. Good taste and practicality are seldom concerns.

The High Fay nobility tend to be most Elf like of the Fay (only more so) always dressing in rich luxurious attire with all the bells and whistles. They are every inch the Fay princes and princesses of faerie tale! No hat is two pointy no jewel to sparkly, no candy to sugary, no cloak to floaty. It is not the excess of the Melnonians, more aesthetics on the extreme outer edge of the possibility!

Fay Culture
Fay have little culture of their own. They either live simply amongst the plants and animals of the wilds or in the fashion of the young races towns and cities. In many ways their ‘outlook’ (above) is their culture. Their actions define (or often fail to define) what Fay are like more accurately than a city of system of government. Change and unpredictability. Being the same race Fay and Night Fay can interbreed. Gestation is extremely long (several years), but seldom restricts the activities of the mother in any way as Fay babies start out very small and grow quickly. Birth rate is low as with all ancient races, but Fay are virtually immortal. It is common for a child to have the characteristics of the parents, but this is not assured. It is impossible to be completely sure how any fay child will turn out or even if they will be a Fay or Night fay!

At odds with this unorganised race is the existence of a Night Fay guild…

A guild composed solely of Fay and other creatures of fairy kind that are attuned to the night. A conclave of sprites and mischievous creatures is a recipe for trouble in anyone’s books. Although most of this group are mildly annoying, some of the guild enjoys the sort of humour that others would consider disturbing, malicious or down right dangerous.

The headquarters of this disagreeable group are spotted around the lands: dark glades, deserted ruins and isolated pools are just some of the locations.

All Night Fay are automatically considered to be part of this guild, whether they like it or not. How the guild functions and who controls it remain a mystery even to the oldest of the Fay.

The High fay are rather different. Their hidden lands are feudal in nature with the multitudes ruled over by a minority of noble representing two courts. One court rules during the day and represents the ideals of the Day Fay. The other rules by night and are most like the Night Fay in their outlook. Each court has it’s own king and queen and between themselves they have controlled their kingdom for longer than the other races have recorded history. They live in physically implausible faerie Castles, ride about on unicorns and generally live up to the stuff of childhood legend.

The Fay nobles are almost all Elven in appearance, but distilled to some sort of extreme ideal. They are always the most powerful Fay and appear to be have hereditary titles, although the Fay’s very long life span and lack of temporal cognisance muddies the issue. Life as a serf in the Fay realm is ‘interesting’. The nobles rule with absolute authority combined with the same ancient magic’s used to keep their world concealed. The nobility have the ‘rite’ to rule in a very real sense. They are even more mischievous then common Fay and think nothing of causing terrible suffering if it furthers their own amusement (although to be fair the nice High Fay are also nicer then the nicest common Fay). Magic pervades the whole of the enchanted lands. Animals talk, plants walk, frogs turn into princes and trolls live under every bridge. Hazardous for a native, potentially lethal for an outsider.

Even the common Fay of the normal world are somehow tied up with the power of the High Fay, despite never having had any thing to do with them. Whereas the Fay of the enchanted land are literally in the command of their Lords and Ladies the common Fay treat High Fay much as a human serf would treat a human liege lord, and (to some extent) vice versa.

It is still to early to tell whether the High fay will have a lasting place in the mundane world or whether they will once again disappear back into their own land.