There are Fifteen Known faiths, along with various minor cults and beliefs. Listed with each realm lord/lady and the realm they control is a very brief description of each faith. Click on the realm lords/ladies name to download a more detailed 4 to 5 page PDF file on that particular faith. You are particularly encouraged only to print out the booklet for the god/goddess of the particular Mystic you would like to roleplay.

A silent and mysterious cult shrouded in darkness. Their symbol is a totally black eye. Some have been seen to wear beautifully made masks over their faces. Vanity or something more sinister? Only those in the cult know, but they certainly aren’t going to tell the likes of you…

[ Unnamed Mystic Guide ]

If there is one thing you can trust it’s the word of a mystic of Omaga. Their word is their bond, but if you cross them prepare for the worst as they do not suffer fools gladly. Their symbol is that of the pentagram which grants them great power in the various rituals of binding they perform. If you see an Omagan mystic dressed in red coming towards you with a glint in his eye, run!

[ Omaga Mystic Guide ]

Disease and putrefaction are the gifts bestowed upon these mystics. They proudly carry their maladies openly and take great delight in being disgusting. Not surprisingly, a skull is the followers’ symbol (if you can make it out from the tatty, filth-encrusted clothes they wear).

[ Morgren Mystic Guide ]

Cold and heartless, these mystics willingly pledge their souls to their Lady. With crossed scythes as their symbol these butchers have been known to murder whole villages and it is a brave (or foolish) man who would cross them.

[ Sil-tek Mystic Guide ]

Mystics who can tell the future or predict the outcome of decisions are all part of the web of this sect. They control the bones, cards or whatever they use to guide the uninformed. Their symbol is that of a spider’s web, which represents the strands of fate weaving its journey (well, that’s what they say…)

[ Wyrd-dren Mystic Guide ]

The universe is said to be made of many layers and these mystics seek to visit them all. Gates and rifts in time and space have said to be brought into existence by their rituals. The powers (they say) lie in the three interlocked rings of their Lord, their symbol.

[ Domain Mystic Guide ]

This is purely a religion of scholars and thinkers. They are never usually seen without a book (their symbol) or scroll of some kind, and are constantly taking notes (either physically or mentally) on the world around them.

[ Gideon Mystic Guide ]

The most angelic of the paths, these mystics dedicate their lives to healing the sick and the needy. The symbol of this group is nothing less than the life bringer itself: the sun.

[ Luthien Mystic Guide ]

Always check your purse after meeting one of the mystics from this church. They also find great fun in tricking and deceiving people out of money and wealth. Their symbol is that of a lightning strike.

[ Scathlock Mystic Guide ]

She is worshipped by farmers and those of the woods. The branching tree is their symbol. Those who abuse nature will eventually be sought out and hunted by this sect.

[ Ki-rin Mystic Guide ]

These mystics walk the path between life and death. The ‘Undead’ or ‘Unliving’ are gifts from their Lord. They are treated with much fear due to their dealings with those who walk in the shadow.

[ Drune Mystic Guide ]

Only the most beautiful people make up this religion. These mystics are always seen in smart dress looking clean and proper. Arrogant at times, these mystics are basically snobs with a kind heart (if not sometimes misplaced). Their symbol is that of a silver crescent moon.

[ Celuviel Mystic Guide ]

A quiet faith, these mystics keep themselves to themselves. They are however deadly when aroused. Trained in both mind and body, these ‘warrior priests’ are hand-picked. A pair of crossed swords is the symbol they follow.

[ Calderon Mystic Guide ]

One of the most fearsome of the religions, Madrog’s worshippers are the most ferocious and deadly warriors. Their screams can be heard across the battlefield as they charge into the enemy. They usually carry an axe with them (their symbol) but will use any weapon to kill their foes.

[ Madrog Mystic Guide ]

Unorganised. Weird. This is the most unpredictable of the churches. Every individual has its own symbol because no-one really knows what these mystic believe in. Not really mad, just very ‘easy come easy go’…

[ Jareth Mystic Guide ]