Eternal Flame (K#,L#,Sk#,P#,F#.)
Initially formed by a group of enchanters, this strange guild seeks an eternally burning light that supposedly contains unlimited power. This light is said to be contained in crystals of such intense beauty that they would burn you eyes out if you were to gaze at them. One of its founders (Titus De Clerk) was tragically killed whilst at the peak of his career. Two other guild members (Spook, a Fay enchanter and a dwarf by the name of Stroppy) keep the guild’s public image going, although not very well

Path of Depravity (K#,C#,D#,A#,Ne#)
This group is amongst the most feared and loathed of the known guilds. It is continually committed to producing suffering, depravation and pure evil. Just the initiation ceremony is enough to put you off joining! Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the group are worshippers of Mogren.

Disciples of Knowledge (K#,F#,P#,B#,G#)
Anybody who wishes to join the guild must be able to read without the aid of magic. None of the guild must follow the ways of Mogren (Corruption) or The Unnamed (Abyss).

All members of the guild must keep a journal (no matter how basic) which must be copied and given to the guild on a regular basis.

The guild’s primary source of income is from teaching. Whether from the basic learning of numbers and letters to the great universities of Velian. Its secondary source of income is from printing and scribe services.

The guild tries and maintains neutrality with other guilds and groups. Any of the guild who are sent on quests for knowledge maintain an unbiased approach which is strictly adhered to. This is sometimes referred to as the First directive.

Night Fay (K#,T#,N#,C#,A#)
A guild composed solely of Fay and other creatures of fairy kind that are attuned to the night. A conclave of sprites and mischievous creatures is a recipe for trouble in anyone’s books. Although most of this group are mildly annoying, some of the guild enjoys the sort of humour that others would consider disturbing, malicious or down right dangerous.

The headquarters of this disagreeable group are spotted around the lands: dark glades, deserted ruins and isolated pools are just some of the locations.

Deep Earth (K#,N#,A#,Sk#,D#)
Dedicated to the advancement of magics that involve any aspect of mineral or earth based enchantments. This guild was brought into being by a group of dwarf magi that were deceived into handing over secrets of their mining operations to a group of swindlers. Although this guild is made up of many races, it has a very strong membership of Drow, dwarves and other ‘underground’ peoples.

Their leader at the present is a dwarf by the name of Granite Jaw. He commands the guild from the great dwarf mine at Emerald Gap, to the North East of the land. Local guild meetings are usually held in mines or cave systems owned by the more senior members of the group who would chair the meetings.

Circle of Light (K#,L#,P#,N#,F#)
The Circle of Light was formed to maintain the balance of nature so that life cycle is not disturbed to an excessive degree by either diabolical evil or saintly goodness. They are seen as by many people to be a guild that sticks its nose in where it isn’t required. However, many times the guild has been helpful to both sides and so is treated with certain neutrality.

Their founder was an Elven enchanter by the name of Triest Leywood, who still maintains his grip of the assembly from the ancient Elven homelands.

The Watchers (K#, G#, L#, B#, M#)
A very quiet group of people, this sect keeps itself to itself and troubles no one. Joining is a simple matter of filling a couple of forms and paying a membership fee. They tend to be very charitable and can seen organising food distribution to the needy, collecting for the local poor houses, and generally making peoples lives better.

Originally formed by a retired old General called Henry Warton after he had grown tired of fighting. He thought that he should give back something for all the lives lost during the many campaigns that he was involved in.

Children of the Serpent (K#,A#,T#,Ne#,M#)
As its name suggests, this is a very cunning and devious group of people. Many Abyssian mystics belong to this group, along with various other shady characters. It has a reputation of being the only guild which can supply every type of poison you can think of (All poisons at half price, no antidotes. No healing potions available). Very little is known about the group, and that’s the way they like to keep it.

The Changelings ( K#,Tr#,N#,F#,St# )
Consisting mainly of trackers and hunters, this guild boasts many shape shifters and changelings amongst their ranks, hence their title. This group is useful for gathering knowledge and equipment that is around woodland and forest areas. Quick to tem per, but once friendship is made, this group become a worthy ally.

The Inner Power ( K#,St#,Ne#,G#,Pu# )
Refined evil is the goal of this guild. Each initiate has his soul removed in a complex ritual when joining the guild. It is contained within a gem and given to them as a sign of their devotion. The conclave leaders may destroy this ‘soul gem’ at any time if they desire, and so total obedience is maintained. This guild also houses many demons who have either been called or trapped by the group or willingly join up ‘for fun’!

The Pretenders ( K#,Tr#,Sk#,F#,M# )
This ancient ‘guild’ consists of actors, entertainers and associated persons in the world of art. If you are involved in any form of entertainment, be it singing, busking or putting on a puppet show, if your not in the guild, prepare for a very rough review ( i.e. large sword up the back passage ). The leading light is a thespian called Wilfred Canterloop, an elf who can only work ” if the people want me, darling “. This guild is, however, very good at changing your identity and finding you a new life.

Unholy Alliance (K#,N#,Ne#,St#,Sk#)
A very unusual alliance between the followers of Drune (the usurped Lord of Necromancy) and the followers of Ki-Rin (Lady of Nature). This group was founded during the Undead war and has maintained itself as a secret guild opposed to Quartak. In some regions (those with a strong Quartak presence), it is illegal to be a member of this organisation. It is not surprising that it is a very popular group with those who suffered at Quartak’s minions during the conflict.

Church of Arioc (C#,Bi#,K#,F#,G#)
An extremely strange but rapidly growing guild solely made up of Melibonians. Lead by the eminently weird (but charismatic) high mystic, Arion, they all follow either the paths of Corruption or Binding. Arion himself has been blessed with the best of both of these paths, but has suffered badly throughout his life and tends to take it out on others. Loyal to Arion but with his own agenda was the terrible Lord Bacchus, High Sorcerer, who was said to be spawned from demon blood. He ruled the enchanters of this sect with a firm hand, until his unfortunate dimise by the Fabled Chaos Dice.

It is said that they have contacts in the Dark Fates and Disciples of Knowledge, and have also amassed great a fortune including an ancient Melibonian sword of great age.

Midnight Sun (K#,A#,Tr#,N#,D#)
This disjointed group worship the Dark side of nature in all its forms. They carry out strange rituals and dark summoning in foul glades and reptile infested swamps where many of these bands live. The Enchanters of this group are said to cultivate or mutate strange flora and fauna for use as servants and/or bodyguards to protect their lairs. Although consisting of a high percentage of races, there seems to be a large contingent of Formorian who have a great deal of involvement. A Formorian Enchanter by the name of Wormwart has been rumoured to control the scattered groups of this ‘guild’. The great swamp of Tanglewood in Quinen is said to be Wormwart’s stronghold, protected by huge vines and creepers that are said to sneak out, grabbing curious adventurers and then drowning them.

New Dawn (K#, F#, M#, L#, N#)
Alchemy is at the forefront of this group’s activity, concentrating on the more studious side as opposed to the production side. They seek the knowledge of the Philosopher’s Stone, fabled to be able to change base elements into gold. If you want any information on potions and associated subjects, these are the people to see. Their headquarters are situated in a large college of learning at Butternut Hill, south of Orwick.

Dark Fire (G#, K#, B#, A#, D#)
A former ships purser by the name of Darius Richter formed this devote group after his ship was attacked by pirates of the Black Boar to the North of Wroshan. Captured and tortured to within an inch of his life he was left for dead on a desolate island along with approx. 20 of his fellow seamen. Unfortunately for the pirates, Darius was a survivor and leader, ensuring his men endured 3 months before being miraculously rescued by a trading clipper, owned by the church of Omaga. His wounds were healed but his mental scars were still there. He was persuaded that the word of Omaga could help and became a disciple: eager for vengeance. All 20 of his comrades made an oath that Darius would lead them and six months later the newly converted acolytes were eager to go forth. To this day Darius still wears the red of vengeance and has sworn to rid the seas of pirates and buccaneers: even after slaying all of the original pirates on board the Black Boar.

The McHenry’s (B#, St#, Na#, Fa#)
These are a hardy highlander tribe who follow Madrog, the War God and believe that the spirits of their ancestors provide them with powers. They are mainly trained in the realms of Strength, Nature and Binding. The clan was founded 300 years ago by a group of noble warriors who took it upon them selves to destroy the evil in the world. They believe their powers have been passed by their ancestors so they can continue the traditions and destroy evil in its many forms.

Alisia McHenry is the chosen one, who was picked by the spirits to lead them. She is the eldest female in the clan and by tradition takes on the leadership. Julius McHenry (Alisia’s brother) has sworn to protect her from all threats and this has helped her in some way to release the burden of the tribe from her shoulders.