Knightly Orders

The Northern Orders (of Knights) (Flame, Lance and Thorn)
Members of these orders along with their militia and levies are the best armed forces of the the Anvil Lands various city states. The heriditary knights of the order all have land holdings around their respective city states and serve as the law for those areas. Although not numerous they are ancient orders and are well respected across the whole of Tethic and beyond. All the orders follow a chivalic code of conduct and although there is no officail gender bias the orders are still something of an old boys club with very few female members.
Non-hereditary membership usually requires the pertitioner to serve as a squire to a knight until such time as they have reached a high standard of proficency (2nd level average) or they have excelled in their service to their order. An already proficent warrior who does the order or Tethic a great service maybe granted a knighthood without serving as a squire, The orders even have enchanters and mystic serving in honary positions within each of the orders.

Order of the Thorn (K#,D#,G#,Sk#,B#)
The Order of the Thorn is the highest-ranking guild of the three. This order of Knights is to be found mainly in the city of Lenorithien acting as the town militia. A strict and harsh militia, they certainly keep law and order within the city limits. Lenorithien has one of the lowest crime rates for the region, as most are too frightened to break the law.

Order of the Flame (K#,Sk#,St#,P#,Li#)
A proud, but somewhat elitist group, this Order always seems to be in the thick of it. Originally this group hails from the market town of Orwick and although they still use the town as a base the order is the most far reaching and proactive of the Northern Knights in terms of their military campaigns.

Order of the Lance (K#,Sk#,St#,Tr#,M#)
This group originates from the coastal city of Port Elia, and their attitude reflects their nautical area. They are partial to a drink or two and a bit of a singsong, much to the dismay of many of the other Orders. However, in battle these marines are more than worthy of the title of knights.


Order of the Star = K#, N#, Sk#, Tr#, St#
Strangely enough, this group has nothing to do with the Northern Order of Knights (see previous). The Order of the Star do, however, have a great interest in the weapons and armour that is used by the knights and other associated parties. They are basically arms dealers, supplying all sides that have the right amount of money. They employ hundreds of smiths and other artisans to produce goods in remarkable numbers. Although frowned upon by most civilised societies, if you want a specialised weapon or piece of armour, these are the people to see.


The Poor Knights of Danar = K#, L#, Sk#, P#, B#
A small, newly formed and only recently recognised order of Purity knights all of which taking a Binding Oath of Poverty upon gaining their spurs (or what ever it is knights get when there are no horses) so as to better dedicate themselves to the understanding of purity without the temptations of material trappings. All of a knights possessions become the property of the order as does all monies accrued.
The order has a higher percentage of Elven members, but welcomes most races and classes
The order has the direct support of the Churches of Purity, Life, Binding and Skill which allows members of the order to train in any of these Realms and is sponsored by Sir Peter of Mayene.
The Poor Knights are currently based in the village of Riddle in Tethic-Vorrin (near Mayene) where the orders high enchanter Auger is headsman. The village also serves as a squire training academy. The order has been promised land to build a temple at Mayene once the land is re-claimed from the undead forces.
It was Sir Peter who lead a company of Knights to re-take the Abbey at Mayene where several of the order lost their lives, including Sir Peter and the orders leader Fer-de-lance Valmir. The Order is currently lead by Lady Anara Tasar Elven kinswoman of the former leader.


Order of the Sword = (no fixed realms).
A fledgling order dedicated to the defence of Danar. The order was recently re-founded during the Danar / Ungash war after the awakening of Lord Gavain an immortal knight who led the order in an earlier age and wielder of the Severing Sword for which the order is named. As a new order it is still establishing it’s credentials amongst the Orders, though attracted much prestige when its leader Lord Gavain led the forces of the Northern Nations against the armies of the Walkers.
Benefits: No guild membership fee. 25% discount on metal armour repair within Danar. The current Steward of Danar has ruled that members may apply to the Church of Calderon in Danar for training in the realm of Skill, no other training benefits are available.
Members MUST answer any call to arms by Danar.