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Guilds, Churches and Knightly Orders

As well as being affiliated to one or another Realm Lord, a character may in the course of their career become affiliated to a guild.
They are quite numerous, but you don’t ‘need’ to know any thing about any of them. They are part of the game world which your character may or may not choose to interact with. However, your character might want to start out belonging to a guild. In this instance it might be helpful to you to find out a little more.
Guilds is the catch all term to cover many organisations to which characters may belong. For example characters other than Mystics can become members of one of the 15 churches, or possibly follow their religious leanings as embodied in one of the church mentored orders of Knights? Many guilds represent merchant interests or serve as unions for performers or artisans, such as the powerful Alchemy guild. The many Schools of enchantment also fall under this banner.
Some guilds are wide spread with holdings all across the Known Lands others are so small and secretive that they are generally considered to be nothing more than myth. Many have an open policy of membership, but others restrict membership by status, class or race. The largest guilds are powerful supra-national political entities with far reaching influence, others are little more than, “gentleman’s” clubs.
The descriptions below provide an overview of the most famous or notorious organisation in the known lands and what is commonly known about their activities, membership and status.
Description must include: (Name – Realms – Body text -(Size / Geographic location(s) / membership criteria / conduct / fields of influence) – Benefits).