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All Souls Ending

23 Mar 2018 - 20:00 - 25 Mar 2018 - 03:00

“The Danari Chosen: All Souls Ending.
I see that, from the Dukes’ Isle of Fire, comes Souls’ Ending.
Nature stills, life stills, Death and Life themselves lose sway.
Flow tides of stillness, ebbing outward, at its heart power’s balance.
New Lord may rise but Chosen set the path of Fate.
In Elements lie danger and salvation.
Twisted hope and blessings’ curse.”

In public squares and taverns across the Known Lands, the Mystics and Lay-Worshipers of Wyrd-ren have been putting up posters reciting a prophecy, reportedly from the Oracle himself. Since the last time this happened was in the months preceding the appearance of the Walkers, there has been a great deal of interest amongst the powerful and the wise. It is rumored that the followers of Luthien and Ki-Rin are showing an especial concern and that each are paying good gold for any information on what this may mean, or for bold adventurers willing to join explorations to investigate leads.

Fueled by local gossips in the taverns, speculation about the prophecy has become a favorite pastime, not least because the Wyrd-Ren worshipers refuse to be drawn to make any comment other than the Oracle commanded that the warning he received in a dream be shared far and wide.

Busy going about your normal life as an adventurer, much of this has passed you by. You have also been distracted by increasingly disturbing and vivid dreams that have startled you awake, and even intruded on your day dreams, leaving behind vague impressions of rivers of light, scintillating gems dripping fire and of a dead rocky landscape soaring over choppy waters.

Possibly influenced by the debates on the prophecy, lack of sleep and the accompanying quantities of alcohol consumed in the taverns, you find that you are now hearing the words of the prophecy sounding in your sleep. Nearing exhaustion after days of this, at the end of the now familiar nightmare, a figure appears in your dream, as vivid as if he stood before you. White haired and white eyed, dressed in ornate armour and adorned with crystals.

“I am Go-Rin of the Danari, and I ask your help on behalf of myself and my sister. Wyrd-Dren has shown me that you are one of those who may be fated to answer this plea. I ask this knowing you will face great risk, but can only tell you now that doing this will be in your own interest, and we will also not prove ungrateful.If you will help, come to the Crossroads Tavern outside the village of Grimswell in Aurea, on the evening of the *First Spring moon, when it is at First Quarter. I and others will meet you there. Tell no-one you do not trust with your life, and your soul.

This is a High Combat Event, suitable for all levels of characters, including Epics and New characters.

Marshals : Rob Pearce and Clive Everest.

Wroxton Scout Camp has been booked on an Exclusive use for this event.

Cost £75 to play, some discounts apply / free to crew.
Option to have catering £10 players and crew.

Maximum player places - 18

Maximum crew places - 30

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)