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Siren's Call 2017

29 Sep 2017 - 20:00 - 1 Oct 2017 - 02:00

Port Elia, once a thriving port and commercial city, home of the renowned Order of the Lance, now partly occupied by the Ungash Empire and that which is not under their rule and protection lies in a dilapidated state. All efforts to reestablish and rebuild it have been ultimately fruitless, plagued with raids from pirates and in-fighting from gangs that rose to power in the chaos of the initial destruction and have retained it to this day. The Grand Halls of the Order of the Lance lie devoid of the raucous laughs and booted feet of the Knights and squires they once housed. In place of this it is filled with the sounds and bustle of the Empire’s soldiers and messengers fulfilling their assigned duties and administrative staff scratching away at parchments of records and all the minute details required to govern this sector of the glorious Ungash Empire.

To the northwest of Port Elia, within the Eldaren Seas, sits Knobble Island, long held by the Honorable Widget Family and a bastion from which they where tasked to protect the area from piracy and smugglers. What once was a safe sea to traverse and ply your trade has seen an upsurge in pirate activity. There are many reports of trade ships not reaching their destinations as well as raids on the coasts of Danar, Tethic & The Anvil lands with people and goods being taken, villages devastated in the wake of this threat with few survivors left and those few are giving conflicting accounts about who or what is responsible.

Rumors fly in the taverns along the coasts from the gnarled anglers who still brave the seas and are skillful enough to avoid the pirates of what must be happening on the island, from the Widgett family consorting with demons of the sea to odd glows and flags bearing strange symbols seen within the bastions walls.

Upon a time the Knights of the Lance would have been able to mount an expedition to clear the seas and investigate the upsurge in activity, however with rumours of their destruction circling the lands and no viable base if they were still operating, the three lands are reliant on friends & allies of old along with mercenaries who are relatively reliable to come and meet with someone styling themselves as Knight Commander Urath Skellen at the Shattered Anvil in Tethic to discuss terms and hopefully restore at least a little peace to the Eldaren Seas.’

Self catered, camping only. Cost £65

Maximum player places - 30

Maximum crew places - 16

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)