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The Good, The Bad and the Uglies

31 Mar 2017 - 20:00 - 2 Apr 2017 - 02:00

At the Bellows’ family gathering, in The Light Fingered Lady, the mood is glum. Funds are running short, and everyone within 50 leagues has been so thoroughly fleeced that there is virtually no-one left with a shirt to call their own. Even the beer is flat, and half the inn’s candles are missing. It feels like it might be time to move on… not least before the local Omegans finally wise up and come visiting.

The relative silence, broken until now only by the sounds of the crackling fire and of cards being slapped on the bare boards (including many from what might seem to be sleeves rather than hands), is suddenly shattered by the door slamming open. Through the doorway a strange figure enters – manlike, dressed in rough clothing, but seemingly made up of debris: sticks, bones and mud. All eyes turn to the new arrival, and the shadows fill rapidly with skulking figures looking for the easiest place to plant a knife in its back.

Shuffling forward, the creature raises a stick-like hand and points at the table where Jack has, until now, been holding court amongst his family and friends (and where Charlie is rapidly scraping everyone’s poker stakes into a bag for “safety”).

“Bellows. I am sent to you to deliver a message by the Great Witch. Something has been stolen from her she wishes returned, and the thieves punished. This task needs stealth, savagery, brutality and a willingness to kill almost everything you meet. You are therefore ideal.

The stolen object lies in the Stronghold of Silence, fabled for its riches. The Great Witch will show you its location, and transport you safely there. Its contents are yours. All you need do is return what is hers, and track down the thief. Dead or alive they will be returned to her for punishment.

There is opportunity for mighty deeds, and for great wealth to be gathered. Past wrong doings to her Majesty will be set aside, if not forgotten.

If you agree, be here and ready to travel one week from now. I suggest you do not allow word of this to spread beyond just those here you trust. “

The creature turns to leave, strangely now bereft of its cloak and even some of its twigs and bones which are disappearing into the pockets of several Bellows. As it departs it pauses briefly in the doorway and the lumpen head turns back to the room.

“Oh. And if you don’t, she will curse you all for what Charlie Bellows did.”

A Bellows Family Special. Non-bellows characters welcome subject to approval by refs Martin and Clive via info@legionofdreams.com

Cost is £65 to play. A £10 late payment fee will be applied to any bookings which are made, or made but not paid in full, by 17th February 2017.

Crew power will be awarded when booked to crew in advance

Catering not confirmed at this time.

Maximum player places - 16

Maximum crew places - 30

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)