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Siren's Call 2016

21 Oct 2016 - 21:00 - 23 Oct 2016 - 14:00

Article in the Tethic Times:
Ridgeback: A New Hope
It is almost a year since the Dwarven conflicts in the Ridgeback Mountains almost lead to civil war for this ancient and noble race. If it was not for the swift and timely intervention by a group of mercenaries, the whole area could have descended into anarchy.
The Ridgeback and Hornblower clans have set aside their differences and finally cleared what remained of the Enlightened from their lands. These fanatical religious zealots seemed to feed the evil that lurked in the Dwarven homelands. With them gone, a sense of normality has returned to the mountains. A joint statement issued by Jurgen Ridgeback and Gwaine Hornblower (on behalf of the ruling clans) confirms that ‘stability has returned’ and that the Ridgeback Brewery has been under new management for most of the year and ‘the beer has never tasted better’. There were calls from some that the Enlightened had helped feed and clothe their families, but these were made by those of the Skree clan so can be dismissed as scaremongering
For the small band of hired professionals drafted in to sort the problems, things have not returned to normal: they still grieve for the loss of one of their comrades. A intense battle ensued with beings conjured from what can only be described as a torrent of bilious fog. These ‘demons’ tore into the party cutting swathes as they rent back and forth. If it were not for the gallant efforts of some who threw themselves into the mist, all would have been lost. Regrettably, only three returned, leaving the Book Binder from the Ridgeback Library and a follower of Luthien (named as ‘Gareth’ by an associate), to suffer whatever cruel end befell them.
Report by Calcite Shardlake, Tethic Times(Ridgeback Edition)
Much time and resources have been spent in researching and investigating this Fog. Little has been found and even less recorded. Snippets of parchment, ancient myths and old wives tales only seem to regurgitate one word: Fury. Whether this is a idea, a ‘being’ or a way of life is unclear. What is clear is that it is old: very old. After a year of false leads, mistaken identity and other ‘cold trails’, many have given up hope.
However, not all have Luthien’s patience and faith. Word has come from the faithful that their prayers have been partly answered and they know their Brother is alive. They wish to share their joyous news to all who would listen. An invitation to attend the Sanctuary of Saint Marcus the Chaste, near the coast South of the Anvil Lands.
This small temple is situated far too close to the nearby Port of Estaban which is (in)famous for the freebooters and pirates alike. The temple was set up as a mission to administer to the needy and give succour to the destitute. It is one of the more open temples and is seen by some in the Order to be interpreting Luthien’s message of love and life a little too literarly.

£55 to play
Crewing is free.

Maximum player places - 30

Maximum crew places - 20

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)