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Siege of the Righteous

11 Mar 2016 - 20:00 - 13 Mar 2016 - 02:00

It has been several years now since Lady Alexi Ehrlichmann of Morvania was assassinated and returned to a living death whilst hosting adventurers hired to handle her the local bandit issues her lands suffered. In that time, her realm has prospered under her leadership as an Omagan mystic.

In the aftermath of the Walkers and the natural disasters that the Known Lands have suffered in the time since, many places remain in a desperate state, still recovering from the horrors. Lady Alexi’s people in contrast are relatively comfortable and safe, barring occasional forays by zealots who remain intent on discrediting her and attacking the Drune faith of Morvania.

Now however the zealots have gone further than ever before. The same prosperity that Lady Alexi has brought to her people now threatens them, as the zealots have leveraged the jealousy of others to raise men to spread discord and bring violence to her lands in the form of three armies of the churches they follow.

Lady Alexi has been able to call on aid from the Omagan church, and Von Nacht has sent what aid he can, but they face armies of Sil-Tek, Ki-Rin, and Celuviel, and she knows that whilst the defenders stand firm for now, they cannot hold out forever.

She has put out a call for adventurers, those known for finding alternate solutions to such problems. With armies attacking those who travel her lands, interested parties are to meet at the Omagan conclave in the camps surrounding Mayene, where her agents will meet them to provide free refreshments prior to their transportation to her lands via a portal.

Marshal: Mike Longley

Level: Low to High, Epics by application

£65 to play
Crewing is free.

Can Crew please book through this site so Mike has an idea of numbers and can write interesting parts for people.

Maximum player places - 16

Maximum crew places - 30

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)