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Omaga’s Path to Redemption

27 Mar 2015 - 20:00 - 29 Mar 2015 - 03:00

“‘Ere wats on th’ bord dis time Rany?”
“Well my overly muscled friend it is another of those delightful ‘Adventures’ Wanted’ adverts”
“Ahhh, th’ ones wat get us jobs oor ded?”
“Well that is the question now is it not? Let us see, hmmm ‘Retired mercenary Dragomihr calls all adventures yada yada yada…”
“jus skip to th’ gud bit ya overly dressed dandy”
“Very well, It does appear that some old boy who did fairly well for himself, a fact that I personally aim to emulate, is offering a challenge to all adventures types who fancy their chances within a fairly complex labyrinth judging by the way it goes on at some length to detail what lies within that he has had constructed to ‘Test the skills, courage and spirit of the new generation of heroes’. It all sounds rather droll but owing to the fact that you have drank our purse dry we do not have that much of a choice, and a purse of fifty crowns to the victorious individual or band is nothing to be sniffed at”
“Hmpf, wud bin able to drink moor if’n it werent fore you to go an’ be chattin up the barkeeps daughter wot kicked off tha’ wonerful barfight, na’ tha’ cost us a pretty crown or two in com-pen-sat-ion. So were dis lil dunjon crawl gona be oor does we need to go an’ be meetin up someplace private like?”
“No my dear unwashed, pig nosed companion it is not in the least private, indeed from the wording it appears that this message and many similar to it has been distributed far and wide in the aims of gathering a large crowd. As to the where of it we are going to need to be heading to a place where I’m sure you will fit in nicely, a tavern of low repute that I am somewhat familiar with out of necessity and not choice I may add, called ‘The Cleaver & The One-eyed Healer Inn’ It is on the northern outskirts of Port Elia and if the current gossip on the wind is to be believed is now within the protectorate of the Ungash Empire though highly contested.”
“Aye well if’n tha’ be th’ case then we’d betta be gettin a wee move on then shoudn’ we. Bu’ first a think dere be enuf time fer one las’ drink an those stunty gitz in th’ corner been given me the eye all night”

Arrival from 1pm.
Ref: Saul.
This is a Low / Mid level event
£65 to play (a £10 late booking fee will be applied 6 weeks before the event) / Crewing is free.
Catered option available at £10 for players and crew.
Starting (lrp time) 8pm, ending very late on Saturday night/very early Sunday morning.
Players get first refusal on the 15 bunks, camping an option for more privacy and less night-time noises..

Maximum player places - 16

Maximum crew places - 30

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.