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Siren's Call 2013

18 Oct 2013 - 21:00 - 20 Oct 2013 - 13:00

As the other nations of the Known Lands begin to rebuild after the admittedly incomplete victory over the Realm Walkers, the peoples of Danar turn their thoughts to a more personal matter.

It has been nearly a decade since the ‘Queens Rite’ was enacted at Danarmourn mountain and the reformation of Danar into a unified nation. Since that time there have been rumours hinting that the ancient Danari have returned, but although these stories grow more prolific by the week, there is still no evidence that the long promised return of the Queen of Danar is at hand.

With the Ungash once again threatening the Northern territories, the growing feeling in Danar is that this would be a fortuitous time for the return of a powerful ally.

The Church of Calderon, Danar’s law keepers, have decided it is long past time to try and find out what they can about the return of the Danari. Although discussions on the matter have begun between the nations and guilds, word is being spread that the church of Calderon are to host a gathering in Danar for all who wish to hear or tell stories of the Danari, and where they will share what they have discovered amongst all who wish to attend. It is the church’s intention is that with a better understanding of what the Danari are doing, they might find some way to assist them. The temple of Wetstone in what is left of Western Danar (after the Ungash annexation of the region) has offered to host the gathering. In order to encourage a benevolent environment, the deacon has decreed that they will fund all training which takes place during the gathering. There is also talk that the deacon has managed to persuade an Ahketian merchant house to set up shop after their long absence from the Northern trade routes.

Low to High (Epic level characters need to be cleared by the refs).
Cost £75 to play. Crewing is free.
Catering: – Self catered camping
Ref – Alex and Matt.


Maximum player places - 0

Maximum crew places - 0

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)