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The Forgotten Temple of the Keyanthyans

26 Apr 2013 - 21:00 - 28 Apr 2013 - 02:00

There it is again, like a ringing in your ears, a sound echoing in your head… or is it a sound? You are not too sure. Perhaps it is more of a sensation than an actual noise; the sensation of someone or something trying to attract your attention. You do not feel worried by it. There is no threat here, but as quickly as the feeling subsides it begins to build again. That ringing… maybe it is more like a calling.
You stop in your tracks, cease the tasks that had been occupying your day, quickly excusing yourself from your companions. You find a space to rest quietly, as you feel it again, more urgently this time, calling to you and asking for your help. No words, just a sense that something of vital importance is happening, and that you are asked to be a part of it.
Having found a quiet space to rest you are able to concentrate better, as your surroundings swim and fade before you, and the message becomes clearer. Your help is needed urgently, a matter of great import. The task may be difficult – even dangerous, but there is much at stake and you can be trusted.
You must travel to a small tavern by the name of Fourways Crossing, on a trade route through the Shattered Lands, close to the Ivory Bridge that leads to the Melanonian Empire. There you will meet others who will join you in this important task, and will hear further details of what must be done. If you decide to undertake this errand, I, Gorin will be waiting to meet you at the Tavern.
As you focus the route to the tavern becomes clear in your mind, as if an outside influence is drawing it into your memory. You can see the woods and fields that surround it, as if gradually focusing in on a map, yet able to see the whole journey at once. You will need to leave soon to be there in time.
The vision (if that is what it was) fades and you are back in your usual surroundings, wondering whether you should heed the call.

This is NOT a summoning call, and you are not compelled to follow it. If you choose to go, you will be automatically drawn to the location suggested, and will recognise the route as you travel. If you wish to play a character who could not have received a message in this way, get in touch for an intro.
This is a mid to high level adventure. Epic level characters will be considered.

Refs: Rob and Bella
This is a Mid to High level adventure.
Refs: Rob and Bella
Players: Max 16
Crew: Unlimited
Cost – £75 – £25 Deposit secures a place
Catering – This event will be catered for both players and crew, for £10
Free Tea/Coffee for players & crew
Bunks available for players if required but camping advised
Free to crew as always (please bring camping equipment)


Maximum player places - 0

Maximum crew places - 0

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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