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Sir Oswynn's Bane

23 Nov 2012 - 20:00 - 25 Nov 2012 - 02:00

The Church of Celuviel has become aware that the lands of Martambor, which are about a day’s walk north east of Orwick in Mid Tethic, are suddenly being plagued by large numbers of undead, and a mysterious sickness, like to one which carried off a Lord and Lady Tambor and many of their family and servants around a hundred years ago, is spreading through the area. The Church is offering a wage of 12 marks a day to any adventurers willing to journey to Martambor to destroy the undead, and if possible find out where they are coming from and stop whatever is causing them. The same wage will be offered to any healers willing to treat the sick and investigate the source of the ague.

At the same time, the Church of Omaga wishes to employ adventurers to travel to the area to investigate rumours that an artefact of The Unnamed is hidden either in the former shrine of Celuviel in the hamlet of Martambor or a ruined house known locally as Sir Oswynn’s cottage, and is offering a substantial (though unspecified) reward to the person or persons who retrieve this and hand it over to the Church of Omaga as well as a daily rate of 12 marks for those making the attempt.

The current Earl Tambor has agreed to act as paymaster for both of the churches in this matter, and interested adventurers should meet with his steward, Verys Nerat, at the Inn of the New Moon in Martambor hamlet, to register their participation

Sir Oswynn’s Bane is a mid to high level event

Ref – Lyn
Players – Max 15
Cost – £75 – £25 Deposit secures a place
Catering – This event will be catered for both players and crew, for £10
Free Tea/Coffee for players & crew
Bunks available for players if required but camping advised
Free to crew as always (please bring camping equipment)


Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)