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Siren's Call 2012 – The Garden

3 Aug 2012 - 20:00 - 5 Aug 2012 - 02:00

It has been two years since the Walkers were stopped. Everything that grew or walked that could be turned into a potion was harvested and brewed into an innumerable variety of concoctions and sent to the front line to help save lives or give the troops a chance against impossible odds. What was missed was trampled under the foot of War, withered under the ravages of Famine or Pestilence, or simply died upon hearing the gentle whispers of Death.

For two years, potions ingredients have been more precious than gold, yet the Alchemist Guild has always had a ready, if limited stock. Each precious drop commanding a king’s ransom, rising to many times their value before the conflict started.

This money has helped the secretive Alchemist Guild rise in both fortune and influence, but is all this about to change or is something more sinister afoot? The Alchemist Guild has broken its usual stoic silence and put out a call to all mercenaries who would heed their call. No explanation is offered, and a rich fee is promised for none asked.

Each person who signs up at any one of the various Guild Houses around Tethic, is told they are being hired as “discrete” professional mercenaries to escort protect and assist guild representatives on a resource gathering mission. They will be paid a crown in advance and a further 5 crowns on completion assuming the representatives are satisfied with their performance – primary amongst this being, doing as they are asked without a lot of questions.

Bonuses may be available at the discretion of the guild representatives. The operation is expected to last two to three days and is completely legal work.

Once signed up, you are asked to meet up with Guild Representatives 20 miles north of the town of Appensul.

The Pitch
The Alchemist guild has been touting the employment offer at guild houses throughout Tethic and Aurea for weeks. It is a straight forward pitch. The guild is looking for professional mercenaries to supplement a mercantile expedition in Aurea for a period not to exceed 3 days. Their duties will be to protect the guild representatives and assist with collection and transport of goods. The expedition is guaranteed to be legal, but details of the contract will not be forthcoming until the expedition is under way. As the hiring of mercenaries suggests, the expedition is expected to be dangerous. 

The Carrot
The job pays one crown in advance with 5 more on completion. The expedition leaders are empowered to offer generous guild bonuses if they are impressed with the groups conduct during the expedition.

The Stick
It’s no questions asked, hard work for hard cash and the alchemy guild recruiters make it very clear they are serious about getting their monies worth. If you do your part there are big rewards to be had.  If you cross them they guarantee you will regret it, briefly.

The Place
Appensul is a town in the North of Aurea nestled against the border with Danar.
Border controls into Aurea remain tight, but this far north Aurean eyes are focused on the fledgling Ungash Empire across their mountainous North Western border. Travelers journeying towards Danar do so without trouble.
The meeting point is a day’s travel North West of Appensul along the mountain pass which travels on to run below The Citadel and ultimately into Danar. The road is remarkably well kept for such a remote trade route.
A small camp has been set up where minor path crosses the main road. There are a number of varied individuals present. Some milling around the fire, some in discussion with members of the Alchemist guild scattered around the camp.

Players – Unlimited
Cost – £60 – £25 Deposit secures a place
Catering – This event is a self catered camping weekend
Free to crew as always (please bring camping equipment)


Maximum player places - 0

Maximum crew places - 0

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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