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The Hound of the Huvergils

8 Jun 2012 - 20:00 - 10 Jun 2012 - 02:00

It was a Winter Solstice some would not forget in a hurry.
A small group of mercenaries gathered for what appeared to be a straight forward mission to locate and return Lady Dominique Alzar, a knight of the Order of the Flame. This Paladin was tasked with bringing the food and drink for celebrations at the market town of Orwick.

The group were dispatched from the Restwell Inn, Orwick, on the understanding that she has got into difficulties near to Underidge, where she was last seen.

After a few days of investigation, it was clear that the Paladin had been kidnapped along with other notable persons including a ranger and acolytes of Luthien and of Madrog.

All leads pointed the group towards the Mansion of the Huvergil.

It was here that the full extent of the crimes committed was revealed. The family, led by the insidious Fleur Huvergil, had been using the prisoners to create a morbid Tableau in which they were the main participants. Using earth from a Jareth holy place, the victims were encased in stone and displayed in the town centre. The mercenaries bravely assaulted the mansion’s secret basement and destroyed Fleur, one of her sons (Ian), an Alchemist (Hugh Massingburgh) and some Undead retainers

Luckily, the party intercepted the statue but unfortunately only the Luthien mystic survived. The mental scars of being encased for days took its toll on the poor priest and until recently spent his days in silence at the small abbey just outside the village of Moresidge.

This was many weeks ago but many things have happened since which have spurned mercenaries and others to return to this area of the Known Lands:
•The Church of Omaga has asked for those pure of conviction to bring to justice those responsible for the death of the ranger, Frederick. His wife petitioned the church and they have taken up the call. They are offering a 15 crown reward per Huvergil family member returned to face the full weight of the law. Five crowns will be offered for evidence and confirmation of their death.
•The Church of Luthien has reported that Brother Samien, the poor priest who was entombed, has disappeared after recent erratic behaviour. They have asked for any kind souls to locate him and return him to the bosom of the church. No monetary recompense has been mentioned but they have stated the church will bestow gifts upon those who help the wretched soul find peace.
•The Alchemist Guild has asked for information about what Massingburgh was doing with the Huvergil’s. He was marked as a rogue alchemist by the guild approximately 6 months ago for carrying out tests on live subjects. Any information will be remunerated as appropriate, depending on its use to the Guild.

Moresidge seems to be the place to start investigations. The Tanner’s Hide is a well known haunt for both locals and travelling merchants. Here is a place to rest and find out the local gossip.

The Hound of the Huvergils is a High level event
Ref – Robin
Players – Max 16
Cost – £75 – £25 Deposit secures a place
Catering – This event will be catered for both players and crew, for £10
Free Tea/Coffee for players & crew
Bunks available for players if required but camping advised
Free to crew as always (please bring camping equipment)


Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)