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The Ruins of Thidias

13 Apr 2012 - 20:00 - 15 Apr 2012 - 02:00

Thanks to the combined efforts of many guilds and churches, the lights of civilisation are beginning to shine once again in the devastated coastal cities of the Anvil lands. Following the fire-storm of civil war and chaos, people of all races are returning to reclaim and re-build their once proud homelands. Modest triumphs have been won by the combined efforts of the churches of Luthien, Omaga and Gideon, step by step, blow by blow, civilisation is being re-forged in memory of these once great cities.

The gates of Cwarash, however, are still troubled. This once thriving port, famed for its marble palaces and gardens, is being rebuilt, but the occupiers and devastators who prospered in the lawlessness of this city still remain strong in the hills to the south of the port. The skies of Cwarash are darkened by billowing smoke, the devastation of war has not ceased here and the hills fester with dark creatures. The area has become a haven for those that thrived in the mayhem that followed in the footsteps of the Walkers. Those who enter the hills do not return.

Information obtained from creatures that ventured too near the city state tell of two orders of knights warring against each other, and of foul beings that have crawled up from the crags and caves. Trolls have demolished the old Gideon Monastery, casting building stones far and wide. They are led by Fomorians, who rule much of the area and have enslaved its people. Rumours abound that the undead armies of Quartak have returned to reap revenge on the city that defeated them in wars gone by.

Two experienced bands of Knights of the Order of Flame and Thorn have gone missing in the hills. The Order of the Flame travelled forth when the Walker ‘War’ first walked the coastal roads. Led by Captain Lovegrove, the Order attempted to enforce law in the area and defend the people of the city. Nothing has been heard of him directly for over a year. The second band of Knights, of the Order of the Thorn, ventured to Cwarash some months ago, but no contact has been made with them or their leader, Sir Lepidus. It is believed that these two orders still battle against each other in the hills that surround the old Gideon Monastery of Thidias.

The Churches have made it known that a group of mercenaries of mixed skills are required to track down remnants of both orders. The mercenaries must unite the two bands of warring knights by quickly arranging peaceful talks between them, and bring to an end their hostilities with as little bloodshed as possible. Secondly they must seek out the creature who, it is rumoured, unites the foul beings of the of the highlands, and bring to an end its leadership, bringing chaos to the enemy and peace to the city.

The reward for successful completion of this mission will be 4 crowns per head for each survivor. Those volunteering will be vetted outside the city gates on the night of Iras.

Ref: Duncan
Character level: Mid
Further details tbc shortly


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Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)