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Winter Tales 2012

20 Jan 2012 - 20:00 - 22 Jan 2012 - 02:00

4 Events run over a weekend. Play 2, Crew 2.

£50 with the usual discounts on offer – Early payment discount closed 9th January.

This is a fully catered event courtesy of with Martin J.

15 Bunks in the main hut available on a first come first served basis (request when booking). Space for camp beds on the floor of the other hut (which is heated) or camping options available in the marquee.

If we do not get enough interest, this will change to a low – mid level event run by Martin


Friday Night – Mike L

To Forgive or Forget

Lady Alexi Schwarz, Omagan and noble of Morvania, has prospered over the last year following her death at the last winter festival celebrations. Despite this, she has once again had to call for assistance in dealing with trouble in her lands. A number of her subjects have recently gone missing whilst transporting winter tributes to her manor and she seeks adventurers to escort a priest of the church of Drune to her manor in time for this winter festival.

A Low-High level adventure (absolutely no Epics), probably not suitable for characters with a heavy anti undead bias.

Saturday Morning – Geordie

The Shadow Proclamation (A Bad Guy special)

Discerning adventures wanted for subtle mission of a delicate nature, loose morals an advantage, secrecy guaranteed.


Saturday Afternoon – Adrian A

The Winter Solstice Festival

Once again the Winter Solstice is upon us.
The building materials reserved for the Emerald Gap and other building projects are gathering, slowly, at the market town of Orwick. The Temples, from the Gap, along with the Merchants Guild and the Order of the Flame, have joined forces for the upcoming Festivals to put on a massive celebration. It’s a chance to forget the recent troubles and enjoy a good knees-up!

However Lady Dominique Alzar, Knight of the Flame, who has been tasked with organising this celebration, has not been seen since she went to secure a quantity of food and drink donated by several towns and cities across Tethic. Word has reached The Order of the Flame that she was last seen near Underidge, but they have heard nothing since. The food she was sent to secure has turned up safely along with all the other donations and their guards.

Notices have gone up across Tethic that the various Churches involved in the festivals have put up a reward for the Paladin’s safe return – ALIVE AND WELL! All interested Parties are to meet up at the Restwell Inn at Orwick.

Saturday Night – Jack S.

Unfinished Business

You have felt it on the wind. In snatches of half heard conversations and in the lonely darkness of a terrible night. Feelings of dread and paranoia wash over you, bringing frustration in your inability to articulate just what is happening.

Eventually, through contacts, bribes and investigation rumours filter through to you from the church of Jarath, Realm Lord of Transformation of something happening that will shake the foundations of their faith.

An invitation is sent, scrawled on a scrap of rough hewn parchment by some demented hand begging you to come to the hunting lodge of Artemis Fellgorn, high priest of Transformation, five miles north of  Avalon Tor.

The call has gone out. Will you answer?

A Low-Mid level adventure suitable for all character types.

Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)