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Spring – Feast or Famine

6 May 2011 - 20:00 - 8 May 2011 - 02:00

The disastrous Winter is nearly over, although the threat of the Walkers was overcome, the chaos and devastation that lies in their wake is only now being appreciated. Beleaguered communities that scraped through the most severe Winter in (human) living memory now start sending out scouts and messengers to glean what they can of the world at large.

What will be your part in this – helping villages and towns to prepare for the future ?
Hunting down the remaining cultists and also closing what remains of the rift in Mayene ?
Or maximising this opportunity for profit?

Word has reached you of one or more of the following offers of employment in these desperate times, either by word of mouth or written notice.

1. The Alchemist Guild of Tyzen is hiring Brave Heroes and Heroines to verify that the Rift at Mayne has been sealed, also to investigate and
destroy the remaining cultists that worship the foul Walkers. A representative of the Guild will be at the hamlet of Torzen, present yourselves if you
are worthy of such a task. (Previous experience of the Walkers / Cultists / Rift desirable).

2. Here Ye Here Ye.
A Bounty Hunter`s Guild has been established to bring to justice (for a suitable price), the legion of foul criminals that the chaos of the Walkers
manifestation has allowed free reign until now. Recruiting and also the distribution of duly authorised Omeagan warrants will take place at the
hamlet of Torzen. High bounties paid for a selection of criminals, perpetrators usually wanted dead (alive in some cases).

3. Carson Lawrence the Guilds-Master of the Merchants Guild in Tyzen requires stalwart Adventurers for a dangerous, but discreet matter
(that`s DISCREET). Apply at the hamlet of Torzen on the border of Ackaran, on the shores of the Inland Sea, this will not be discussed in Tyzen
due to the the delicate nature of the assignment.

Arrival at the site – not before 4pm, we will not have access before then.

There will be three linked and overlapping plot lines for this event as well as optional individual plot links for characters. Please contact Martin with any requests for the latter. However, any in character options that are available for the player base will be left in their hands, but swift decisions will have to be made before the opportunity is lost (to avoid the frustrations caused in previous games).

Pre-event discussion via LOD threads or private e-mails will be encouraged and multiple minor actions can be carried out as part of the pre-event downtime for this scenario.

Start time 8pm Friday evening in a social location (i.e a tavern) for all players that are ready, others will then be introduced as they arrive.

Time-ish from 2am to 9am.

The Saturday activities will start from appx 10:30am and will finish late, appx 1am on the Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Spring – Feast or Famine is a Low-Epic level adventure

Power award = 1.5-3.0.

Player places: £75

For this event a fully catered option is available for both players and crew, at an extra charge of £10 for the weekend. This will include dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Please make sure LoD are aware of any dietary restrictions you might have. If you want to cater for yourself, that is absolutely fine, but please note there will be no access to the kitchen to cook your own food for health, safety and hygiene reasons, however two microwaves and a kettle will be available in the dining room for self catered options.


Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

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