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Siren's Call 2011

19 Aug 2011 - 20:00 - 21 Aug 2011 - 13:00

Times are still grim in the Known Lands. The devastation that the Walkers left in their wake is still being felt across all the nations.
Civil war has almost ceased but the effect of their destructive power is still evident: food is scare, famine and disease reach into villages and towns, and anarchy is still rife in out of the way places. However, very slowly some semblance of normality is creeping into the large cities.

The followers of Omaga bring law to the cursed earth and Luthien’s light has started to shine once more on the wretched and the dispossessed. There is a rumour abroad that an avatar of Luthien himself has taken command of the church and is preaching his Lord’s word.

Martial law has been declared in Aurea by the Council of Dukes, and a war leader has been elected from within their ranks. Duke Herald has taken a hard line in an effort to stabilize a country ravaged by disease and fearful of invasion. All borders are now closed to non essential travel. The death sentence has been re-introduced and is applied to a wide range of offences from hoarding food up to consorting with demons.

All Menasian nationals and followers of Death, Corruption and Abyss have been advised to leave the country for the duration of the crisis, as the authorities cannot guarantee their safety.

These draconian measures have so far proved effective in maintaining Aurea’s stability, but at the cost of the nation’s liberal nature.

It has just turned autumn when news is heard of the chance of work in Aurea, and by default the chance to be fed and have a roof over your head. Mercenaries and freebooters are being drawn to the South Eastern seaboard, and in particular to the foothills of the Granite Mountains. Here, Major Richard Heartwood of the Aurean Provincial army is forming a small but powerful group to assist him in his official duties. Various rumours have been heard as to what it entails – ranging from slaying giants to diving into the watery abyss to search for pearls. All that is known to be true is that the money is good.

Refs: Robin, Rob and Duncan

Player places: £55

This is a camping and self catering event. There is no running water but water will be provided by the site. There are portable toilets available for use.

I am pleased to say that Skian Mhor will be bringing a small selection of weapons and props for your buying pleasure so bring some pennies!

Crew are always welcome and it is FREE to crew on this event (please note you will still need to bring a tent and food/drink). We are currently very much outnumbered by the players so please let us know ASAP if you are up for crewing, even if it is just for one day/afternoon/morning.

We welcome all in character tents but understand if you haven’t got one. However I do have a contact who is currently selling 4m and 5m white canvas Sahara bell tents. If interested please email the general address and we will get you some prices.

Characters will be sent out a week or so prior to the event.




Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

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