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Journey’s Beginning

11 Mar 2011 - 20:00 - 13 Mar 2011 - 02:00

Your last adventure was one of bravery, cunning and a dash of luck. The sheer thrill and excitement of the escapade just illustrated how cut out you were for this kind of work. Your journey had led you to the South East of Ackaran, just north of the principality of Morvania. You were sure that after that, there would only be fame, fortune and the Gods looking down on you: how wrong you were.
It is a wild and bitter night and you have been travelling for many miles, passing from village to village in search of a solution to your angst. By now you should be wrapped up in a warm blanket by a roaring fire, a mug of ale in your hand and a belly full of food: but you are not. In fact somehow you have managed to misjudge your travelling distance and direction dramatically. You find yourself cold, miserable, wet and, after a very long walk, exhausted. This can’t be the way things were meant to turn our surely?!

Just when you had given up hope along the dirt road, you see a light in the distance. As you limp towards it (they don’t make boots like they used to), you see a warm glow coming from a small village. The signs say it is the hamlet of Schnitzel, just south of the Town of Visberg. Having enjoyed some pleasant company a few weeks ago in an inn to the west, you know a little of the area. Although not in the lands of Morvania, the People to the South east of Ackaran are very similar in style, looks and tradition to their neighbouring region. They do not follow their cousins observations around the Undead but still have a healthy respect (otherwise known as fear) when dealing with that kind.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the smell of warm ale, the cheerful chatter of the locals is a godsend in this depressing weather. A night of drinking waits for no-one!
As you approach the village you try convince yourself that the feeling of being watched from the nearby wood is just your imagination. However, as you are prudent you quicken your step for that drink……..

Journey’s Beginning is a low to mid level event
Players – Max = 15
Catering – Basic snack food (Bacon sandwiches, etc) available at very reasonable prices
Free Tea/Coffee for players & crew
Bunks available for players
Free to crew & indoor sleeping space for crew (camping welcomed)


Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -