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Happily Ever After

25 Feb 2011 - 20:00 - 27 Feb 2011 - 02:00

Three generations ago, Lord De Vere forsook his beautiful wife Catherine, abandoning her for her infertility, and married another woman in her stead. Catherine took her revenge on their wedding day by cursing the De Vere family forever: every male child of the line would spend his nights in the hideous form of a troll. The curse can only be broken on the wedding day of daughters of the family, for they are the carriers of the curse. The wedding approaches of the great-grand-daughter of the original Lord De Vere, and with it, another chance to break the curse forever – on her wedding night. The De Vere family have sent invitations to the great and the good, the fearless and the wise, the doughty and the cunning, to attend the wedding and help them save their family from this dreadful blight on all their lives, with a reward if the curse is broken. Your gilt-edged invitation has just been delivered by a Scout of Tethic – he waits to carry your reply back to the De Vere estates….what will you say?

— £70 Fully catered event
— 25 player places.
— Low to High

— Free to crew, fully catered and some crew booze provided.


Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -

The Wilderness Centre