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Curse of the Necromancer, Kiss of the Vampyre

9 Apr 2010 - 20:00 - 11 Apr 2010 - 02:00

Greymark, Richard “Bloody” Greymark………….. Morvanian necromancer, grave-robber, thief, blackmailer, kidnapper, torturer, mutilator, murderer… and that’s just concerning his own extended family, never mind the general population.

The list of nobility, guilds, temples, merchants and assorted wealthy families that have fallen foul of his schemes grows long. In peaceful times the Military Orders of Thorn, Sword & Lance or the Knights of Celuviel would have hunted him down long ago, but with chaos and death stalking the 4 corners of the land he has the freedom to pursue his nefarious schemes. The latest victim was Henry Makalia Head of the Alchemist Guild in Lenothorian, family ransomed for a fortune and then when it was paid, they were returned to him as Ghasts and Vampyres. Makalia has sent secure word to select aggrieved individuals via high ranking Scouts of Tethic, you have been invited to a meeting at a secluded private location near Lenothorian to clarify the way forward in permanently resolving this continued threat.

The sweetener offered is a potion apiece – any from the standard list offered for sale at Guild outlets.

If the character that you wish to play has not had contact with Greymark on previous events then you will be representing a Patron / Guild Leader / Relative etc.

Curse of the Necromancer is a Low to Epic Power award.

Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -