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23 Apr 2010 - 20:00 - 25 Apr 2010 - 12:00

A heavy Dwarven presence this year is guaranteed in the village of Rock. It is decreed by the church of Calderon that the annual tournament this year will be overseen by the Ridgeback Mountains dwarven skill guild. Famed for their precision construction of intricate artefacts as much as the time you have to wait for your precious order, the Dwarves have presented to the village of Rock a stone obelisk to be engraved with the name of the successful competition winner.

Although a celebrated event and a distraction from the encroaching dark world events, this years tournament has already attracted unusual attention. With the recent reforming of the Order of the Sword they are keen to secure the use of the Danarian severing sword for another year. Mercenaries of every kind travel to the tournament having heard rumours of the sword. Also a small fortune is being offered by an anonymous party to a successful champion to release and use of the sword during the coming year.

The dwarves themselves have let slip that the sword will be invaluable to them in the cutting and shaping of the finest and largest jewels recovered from deep under the ridgeback mountains. Their champions have been in long preparation for the competition.

Although the village of Rock is well protected the forests around teem with undesirables, children of walkers and other strange creatures ready to dispatch the unwary and perhaps take the swrod for themselves. Or will some unknown champion be destined to use this sword for the year in which apocalyptic battles are to come.

Tournament is a low to epic level adventure/fest (1.5-3.0 power, epics level characters restricted).

Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -