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Lucien and the 14 Thieves

16 Jul 2010 - 20:00 - 18 Jul 2010 - 02:00

They can’t say that life hasn’t been interesting.

After years of swashbuckling, carousing, negotiation and blatant violence, it has finally sunk home how very expensive it has all been. Whilst journeying to the mysterious Temple of Stone, the party’s talk turned to thoughts of gold and treasure which they believed they were to liberate. Unfortunately, these thoughts were short lived. After further escapades, funds are sorely depleted and now things have moved onto desperation. It has been agreed, in theory, that drastic action should be taken. They have been left with little choice but to carry out a well planned and daring raid to plug a much need hole in their resources. As to be expected, Lucien is very keen and has volunteered his ‘special’ talents immediately.

So it is that one morning you receive a very cheery letter (dictated by Lucien) from his associates (all checked out as legitimate):

“Esteemed and dangerous chums,

It is obviously with great reluctance (Luthien forgive this wretched sinner!) that I have temporarily got back in touch with a few associates from my former larcenous days to try and arrange a suitably enriching mission for you all. Happily, one of my more reliable sources may have a thread that needs pulling, if you catch my drift. I have asked him to meet us at the Green Dragon tavern on the great North road between Lenorithien and Orwick in 2 days time. The Dragon is a first-class (and traditionally violence-free) drinking establishment which many of you I am sure have frequented on numerous occasions during our various jaunts.

In anticipation of the task ahead, I have asked a few handpicked officials to attend to arrange transport for us and ensure we have safe passage on our little expedition. There may also be certain persons who may require a little encouragement to ensure full disclosure of all pertinent information, but knowing how persuasive some of you can be I am sure that won’t be a problem! Furthermore (is there no end to my talents?), I’ve managed to negotiate a very reasonable discount on beverages and fare for the evening – it’s amazing what some gossip about the innkeeper’s daughter will do! Unfortunately for Arion the gossip isn’t about her having a penchant for roughing it, but you can’t have everything can you?

Personal abuse (ooh-err) aside, might I also make polite request that people try and refrain from slaughtering all and sundry in the inn? I know old habits die hard for some of you, but good taverns are hard to find these days and you just can’t have a proper carouse if you end up with a load of Omagans turning up and bleating on and on about how super justice is and how naughty criminals are.

I look forward to meeting most all of you over a tankard of the Dragon’s best – Myron, it’s your round!

Yours disreputably,


Bishop of Danar, Scout of Tethic (1st Class with Honours), and second greatest thief in the land (reformed)”

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