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Natures Bounty IV

5 Aug 2010 - 20:00 - 8 Aug 2010 - 02:00

The land of NOD-GORIN calls to you again in your dreams – is it the work of the ancient master or the interference of the watcher? It matters little, the dreams come; they are calling you and show the ancestral lands of the Water Tribe – though you have never seen them, somehow you know it to be true.

The vision shows you huge cliffs rising out of the sea, the devastation wrought here is greater than in any other part of the land, a result of the raising of the lands. On the surf-loud beaches lie the long spent hulks. The mats and splintered masts lie near fires kindled on the wet sand, and men move between the fires. They stand or crouch with their backs to the sea. Slowly they turn away and leave their homes of millennia. This image swirls away to become a scene of carnage, bodies hewn into piece, scattered warriors daubed in blood. The attackers are dim shapes, lost in the shadows – a feeling of treachery hangs in the air and all is dark once more. You awaken with words echoing in your ears: they say:

“You know some of what you do, look to your souls for they will soon be in his grasp”

Once more you are called to the ancient gate and you have little choice but to head back to the land of nature’s bounty. The calling is upon you and its urgency is increasing. With a deeply unsettling feeling that something is very wrong, you proceed.

Invited by colleagues or friends into the land of NOD-GORIN, you have come to an ancient gate that they use to get to the raised lands. What awaits you on the other side? Those with you have been tight lipped, revealing little. Soon the mysteries will be revealed, your questions answered…
Note: You must have an IC reason to attend the event.

Natures Bounty IV is a Low-High level adventure (but with some possible restrictions on magic – to be revealed on the event). Power award = 5.0

Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -