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3 Sep 2010 - 20:00 - 5 Sep 2010 - 02:00

Sir Peter the Paladin, sponsor of the Poor Knights of Danar, has had much to do as the final battle against the Walkers draws near. Nevertheless he has sent word that a man he knew many years ago has appealed for aid from him, and Peter once more is calling those who are true of heart to stand up for what is right. Brother Alfred, a mystic of Luthien, resides in a small village in Ackaran called Fell Gully, in the foothills of the mountains in the west of the country. He has written of dread times in the area, with great ruin falling upon his flock and the rise of a strange cult that has ensnared his only daughter. Sir Peter has let it be known that those he can trust should gather at the Inn of Blessed Rest, close to the border with Morvania, on the eve of St Aelwyn’s Feast. If possible a message should be sent to him or the Poor Knights in advance so that he knows who has answered this call and can make arrangements.

Crusade is a Low to Epic level event. Power award = 1.5-3.0.

Maximum player places -

Maximum crew places -