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Event 3, 2019 – A Celebration

6 Sep 2019 - 19:00 - 8 Sep 2019 - 02:00

In the Danarian province of Grenton, near the South-East Aurean border lies the valley of Shadows Weep. A desolate place where not much grows and at night the wise keep their doors locked and barred.

Recently, the hero Johan Carpenter has passed. He was a champion of the poor and downtrodden, with no time for high talking philosophies or hypotheticals, he cared for their physical needs in this world – the here and now.

Johan rallied the people to the land to fight back against the numerous monsters, bandits and other unpleasantness that plagued the valley for centuries. Together, they drove back the darkness and brought peace to the valley.

To aid his quest, he mastered three realms- strength, skill and life. Now, those churches gather together like never before to honour him and preserve his legacy.

The faiths of Madrog, Calderon and Luthian are hosting a festival, climaxing with a grand ritual to send the hero off in style and to offer a blessing to the valley where he lived. The blessing of all three realm lords will be offered up to grant the people fortitude, prosperity and fertility for the future.

This week-long festival will draw to a close with three magnificent trials and contests. Adventurers gather from miles around not only for a chance to prove their worth, but also for the fabulous prizes and treasure to be won.

Rumours of Glyphs, favours and powerful magical items abound as each church strives to outdo the other. These contests will be judged by the highest authorities of the retrospective churches. Under the gaze of the realm lords, should those who perform the trials impress then the valley will be blessed. Should they fail? Well, that’s probably not worth thinking about…

On Friday night, Lord Madrog commands his followers to perform mighty deeds in his name. There will be a grand hunt of the terrible monsters who infest the nearby regions, followed by a great feast and the telling of glorious tales.

On Saturday, Lord Calderon has willed that those present use their skill and cunning to best a series of deadly challenges. Also, they are to exhibit their crafts and art in celebration of the physical form.

Finally, at night as the festival draws to a close, the followers of Luthien will enact a grand rite. Bringing an end to the festival and enshrining peace between the three churches and protection to the valley forevermore.


A low-High level event suitable for new characters. Epic characters might be allowed, subject to approval. Characters of all types and realms are welcome, but this event will be especially relevant for anyone with the realms of Strength, Skill or Life. This event will be high combat, but with suitable roles for non-combat focused characters.

On Friday night there will be a story contest. This is to give people notice if they want to prepare something. There is no ooc pressure to perform if that’s not your bag.

On Saturday there will be a judging of various works of art/craft. This will be a great chance to show off cool kit or ic art that you yourself have made ooc.


Jack and Martin to ref.
Shared site, both buildings booked for us.

Maximum player places - 16

Maximum crew places - 30

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)