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Falcon on the Wing

2 Nov 2018 - 20:00 - 4 Nov 2018 - 02:00


An event set in the Rivers of London universe (books by Ben Aaronovitch)

The event is a modern urban fantasy, with elements of supernatural horror, and a simple rules system, where players will regularly feel out of their depth. The emphasis is on role play, investigative skills, problem solving, teamwork, attention to detail, and information gathering and sharing. There will be some traditional LARP combat, but the tone of the event is such that non-com characters will still have plenty to do. NERF blasters will be used to simulate firearms. Firearms will play a very limited role in the game. Only trained firearms officers will be allowed to use them, and they will only be issued under specific circumstances.

We aim to recreate the feel of the first novel in the series, Rivers of London itself, where Peter has met Nightingale, but has not yet learned to use magic, but the timeline is current – all the events of the books up to and including The Furthest Station have already happened.

The writing team includes two published authors, R.A Smith [The Grenshall Manor Chronicles urban fantasy series], and Paul Grzegorzek [The Follow, Flare, But For the Grace of God, When Good Men Do Nothing, Subversive]; Lucie Elliott and Craig Slee of Aeon Horror LARP; and Lyn Morton and James Stevenson of Legion of Dreams.

All characters will be members of UK police forces who have experienced a supernatural event that resulted in them to recognising their own magical talent (i.e. the ability to sense Vestigia). All characters need to be suitable for inclusion as part of an investigation team. The team will consist primarily of sworn police officers, supported by a small number of civilian police personnel (scene of crime, computer forensics), with a limited opportunity to play non-police personnel as “associates” of the Folly.

Police officers will have a broad range of abilities useful across all aspects of the game. Civilian personnel will have a specific area of focus with limited cross over potential, whilst associates will be very focused with no cross over abilities.

The Scenario

Over a period of 8 weeks, people have been disappearing in the area around Banbury, Oxfordshire. The disappearances seem to be entirely random: an elderly man and his dog, a middle-aged woman out jogging, an young male Amazon delivery driver, a teenage girl on her way home from school, a newlywed couple and the driver of their horse drawn carriage, the sales assistant of a shop selling antiques and local memorabilia, a train driver …….and finally and most disturbingly, a group of over a dozen teenagers from a London school who vanished while doing their Duke of Edinburgh award at a scout camp in a village just outside Banbury.

Thames Valley Police have set up an incident room at the Scout Camp, and due to the odd circumstances of the many disappearances, have asked the Met for specialist assistance from their magical department, the Special Assessment Unit, [SAU] aka The Folly. As the regular officers are busy on an investigation of their own, a number of officers and civilian staff from around the UK with some previous experience working alongside Inspector Nightingale, Peter Grant, Dr Walid, and/or Sergeant Jaget Kumar, have been seconded to Thames Valley for the duration of the investigation. All those involved have shown themselves to have a rudimentary ability to sense Sestigia, but have had no formal training in Newtonian Magic as yet.

Refs: Lyn and James, with Martin as support if needed

A bespoke rules system is being created for this event by Matt and Alex of Legion of Dreams.

Catering will be available all weekend in the form of a ‘police canteen’, with set meal times plus drinks and snacks ad hoc, at a cost of £15 per head.

There will be some bunks available for players, but priority will be given to those with medical issues or travelling by public transport. Crew will be expected to camp, unless otherwise agreed (Head Ref will be camping!). The site we are using has two well heated buildings which we will be using, as well as a good (and heated) toilet and shower block right next to the car park and camping area.

The event will finish to all intents and purposes late on Saturday night, but there will be an IC ‘breakfast briefing’ to wrap things up for those who are interested (and can force themselves out of bed).

Maximum player places - 12

Maximum crew places - 34

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Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)