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Winter Tales 2010

19 Nov 2010 - 20:00 - 21 Nov 2010 - 02:00

Winter Tales consists of 4 short adventures, on which you attend on a play 2 and crew 2 (1 daytime and 1 night time for each player). Each adventure written by a separate ref, but ref’s have no allocated budget. The main ref of each event can play free on the other events. Each adventure offers between 0.5 and 1 power to players. A bonus 0.25 power will be awarded on all events that start and end within 1 hour of their scheduled times.

FRIDAY NIGHT 8pm – 12pm: Trial of Blood
Low-Mid adventure suitable for new and existing characters alike. Will incorporate a sit down meal at additional cost of £5. Written by Mike Longley and Abi Collis, run by Mike Longley and Allen Lear.

BACKGROUND — Morvania has long been a troubled land, and this has led von Nacht to be generous to those who have offered him service in ridding his nation of those that would trouble it. Lady Alexi Ehrlichmann is one such person. A mystic of Omaga, she has stood for the laws of the country against opposition both local and foreign, enough so that six months ago she was granted a small amount of land and serfs as part of a knighthood. Recently, her lands having been troubled by rebellion, she put out a notice promising a reward for adventurers willing to investigate the problems and bring the ringleaders for justice. You arrived three days ago and as part of a group set out in search of the rebellious banditry, eventually finding them and bringing them in for summary justice yesterday. Following the executions of the bandits in question, Lady Alexi has promised a feast in honour of the adventuring party, which is just about to begin…

OOC: Please note that this event is not suitable for characters who would not be willing to have assisted against a peasant uprising, and most the event will be indoors.

SATURDAY MORNING 10am – 2pm: Flames of Perenyia
Low-Mid adventure suitable for new and existing characters alike. Written & run by Iain Hunter

BACKGROUND – For centuries the blessed town of Perenyia in southern Tethic has existed under the watchful eyes of Wyrd Ren. No famine touches the town, no war crosses its borders and violence is virtually unknown here. At the heart of the town a single candle burns in thanks for the blessings of fate. As such the town exists as neutral ground, a place to talk, rest and recuperate. Now a group of battle hardened adventurers has visited Perenyia to enjoy the hospitality of this peaceful and tranquil place. After all no enemy has ever visited this town and a few days rest would be welcome. What could possibly go wrong?

SATURDAY AFTERNOON 3pm – 7pm: Joy of Caravaning II: We’re all going on a Winter Holiday

BACKGROUND – In light of Sirens Call, thoughts of those that survive turn to a bit of R&R. Winter has set in to the lands and thoughts turn to sunnier climes. With that in mind, and the really appealing pictures in their window, you gather at the new travel agents in town to take advantage of their grreat package deals…

High to Epic level adventure. Written and run by Matt Lang

SATURDAY EVENING 8pm – 12am: To be advised
High to Epic level adventure suitable for high and epic level characters alike. Written and run by Mike McGowran

BACKGROUND – To be advised

Maximum player places - 0

Maximum crew places - 0