• Sirens Call 2014 – Darkmere
    5 Sep 2014 - 20:00 - 7 Sep 2014 - 13:00
    Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)
  • Introduction

    The marines sculled the long boat silently towards the shore. From her position at the prow the captain could just make out another of their boats off to the left, all but invisible now that dusk and the fog had joined forces to conceal the landing force.

    “It is quite a thing for the fate of so large an army to rest in the hands of so few sell-swords, my Lord.” It was not the first time the captain had expressed this concern. When Morgan proposed his battle plan that topic was the one most debated both in frequently and intensity, but when the fleet sailed she had made her peace with the commander’s decision, after all it was too late. The captain raised it again now only out of the need to break the tension that gathered about them in the silence of this last leg of the voyage. It was reassuring when the old man replied with similarly familiar words. “More than once during my exile I found my fate, and that of my family rested, in the hands of mercenaries such as these. If I could come to trust in their abilities with things so precious to me, I can trust to their abilities in the task at hand”.

    “As you say my lord.” The boat moved past the fog bank and the captain turned her attention to the now revealed shore. A narrow beach giving way to the forest beyond and in the distance the mountains that would be their ultimate goal, but that was an impossible task for another day, she thought to herself, there was still today’s miracle to attend to. As the intelligence suggested. the beach was deserted. She knew well enough what waited for them in the darkness beneath the forest’s canopy. Ahead of them several of their boats had already beached. Their crews waiting in watchful silence, every head turned towards the commander’s approach. With a nod, the captain directed the oars to be shipped and braced against the low prow as the long boat ran smoothly aground. With one final look along the shore to confirm all was as expected, the captain turned to her commander and gave a short nod. At the signal the commander rose and placed a foot up onto the boat’s narrow wale. He paused for a moment taking in the vista as he settled his breastplate into place. “Home” he said absently. As he made to go over the side of the boat, the captain had to restrain herself from reaching out to steady the old man, it would not look too well to the troops to see such weakness from either of them.

    And then he was down and walking clear of the surf, “Come along, my daughter, let us see if I can avoid promoting your absentee spouse to lordship by surviving another day”. She gave the signal and up and down the beach boat after boat disgorged its crew. If her father was wrong about his mercenaries, the army would be neck deep in blood and death and daemons before they cleared the forest, and then Darkmere’s return to Godstone would be a sad short footnote in the histories.

    After decades in exile, Lord Morgan Darkmere has set sail to reclaim his ancestral lands with an army at his back. Some twenty years ago, the great seal over the ancient gate at Godstone was broken and after millennia of banishment the Riagorm daemons returned to the world, forcing Darkmere’s people into exile. Your characters are being hired as mercenaries to be sent immediately in advance of the main invasion in order to secure a number of defensive positions before the alarm is raised. This role is expected to be beyond the rather singular abilities of a rank and file soldier and as a result Darkmere is seeking adventurers from a wide variety of professions to fulfill this key role.
    The job pays 4cr and 44 acres of land in the recaptured lands to every mercenary that wants them. Darkmere is offering additional benefits to those who serve exceptionally in the field; gallantry medals (or rather hazard pay), hereditary knighthoods and personal boons are all available.

    As the introduction states the party will be operating as mercenaries in support of Lord Darkmere’s army attempting to retake his ancestral home from daemonic invaders.
    Your characters would have been recruited in or around the Anvil lands and actually hired in the newly rebuild port of Cwarash. They would not have been privy to the destination or objective of the campaign before setting sail for the South. As players you have the benefit of hindsight to decide if the game will be suitable for your character.

    The event is open to characters from low-high level.
    Note: starting characters may find the early part of the scenario “challenging” as the party are being deployed by Portal.
    Epic level characters:…may only attend (be hired) if they are known to have been an ally to Lord Darkmere’s cause in the past (i.e. previous scenarios). As such these characters will be responsible for the mercenaries assigned to them (i.e. the rest of the party) and the missions entrusted to them. They will also suffer forfeits for losses and injuries sustained in the field. Players are invited to make their characters case by email to ubermancer(at)gmail.com.

    As it will be a slight a departure from the usual Sirens Call structure we are advising players that the first part of Friday night will be a linear style section rather than being based in camp.

    Players are welcome to bring in character tents for the IC area, but please be aware the structure of the event is such that the “characters” would not be bringing their own tents with them. They will be able to “discover” them (at the camp) during the course of Friday evening.

    Low, Mid or High level characters (Epic’s by prior agreement).
    Cost £75 to play.
    Crewing is free.
    Refs – Alex and Matt
    Catering – The event will be self catered.

  • Omaga’s Path to Redemption
    24 Oct 2014 - 20:00 - 26 Oct 2014 - 02:00
    Horley Scout Camp (Wroxton)
  • “‘Ere wats on th’ bord dis time Rany?”
    “Well my overly muscled friend it is another of those delightful ‘Adventures’ Wanted’ adverts”
    “Ahhh, th’ ones wat get us jobs oor ded?”
    “Well that is the question now is it not? Let us see, hmmm ‘Retired mercenary Dragomihr calls all adventures yada yada yada…”
    “jus skip to th’ gud bit ya overly dressed dandy”
    “Very well, It does appear that some old boy who did fairly well for himself, a fact that I personally aim to emulate, is offering a challenge to all adventures types who fancy their chances within a fairly complex labyrinth judging by the way it goes on at some length to detail what lies within that he has had constructed to ‘Test the skills, courage and spirit of the new generation of heroes’. It all sounds rather droll but owing to the fact that you have drank our purse dry we do not have that much of a choice, and a purse of fifty crowns to the victorious individual or band is nothing to be sniffed at”
    “Hmpf, wud bin able to drink moor if’n it werent fore you to go an’ be chattin up the barkeeps daughter wot kicked off tha’ wonerful barfight, na’ tha’ cost us a pretty crown or two in com-pen-sat-ion. So were dis lil dunjon crawl gona be oor does we need to go an’ be meetin up someplace private like?”
    “No my dear unwashed, pig nosed companion it is not in the least private, indeed from the wording it appears that this message and many similar to it has been distributed far and wide in the aims of gathering a large crowd. As to the where of it we are going to need to be heading to a place where I’m sure you will fit in nicely, a tavern of low repute that I am somewhat familiar with out of necessity and not choice I may add, called ‘The Cleaver & The One-eyed Healer Inn’ It is on the northern outskirts of Port Elia and if the current gossip on the wind is to be believed is now within the protectorate of the Ungash Empire though highly contested.”
    “Aye well if’n tha’ be th’ case then we’d betta be gettin a wee move on then shoudn’ we. Bu’ first a think dere be enuf time fer one las’ drink an those stunty gitz in th’ corner been given me the eye all night”